The EPIC Collegiate Academy or ECA, as we like to call it, is the Dual Credit to Degree pathway of concurrent enrollment courses brought together in a way that allows high school students to earn a college degree alongside their high school diploma. 


This is an individualized program complete with support of college instructors, EPIC teachers, and student coaches.

Now, if you’re reading this, there’s a good chance you already have a strong desire to further your education beyond high school…and that’s fantastic because you’ll love this next part.

ECA is FREE to EPIC students. There’s no catch. It’s FREE.

One of the first things that comes to mind when people hear the word “college” is that it may be too expensive or it’s simply cost prohibitive…

But, through ECA, students are able to receive a high school diploma while completing an associates degree at no cost. This saves thousands of dollars.

And, if you’re thinking this is probably just too much classwork…it’s not.

Many students in the program will have one anchor course at EPIC that will be instructed by your teacher. The remaining courses will be through ECA – all college-level – counting for high school credit AND college credit at the same time. FREE.

The ECA program is open to EPIC sophomores and the application deadline is in the fall each year. Coursework begins in the spring! 

But hold up…if you’re watching this and you’re still not yet a sophomore, stay tuned to this program. Your opportunity is around the corner so stay engaged in school and keep an eye on the ECA program.

Juniors and seniors, you haven’t missed out because while there might not be time to finish a full two years worth of college credit, you still have time to possibly complete one year and any amount of college credits earned FREE of charge is worth the effort soWE STILL WANT YOU TO APPLY!

Applying for ECA is easy. CLICK HERE TO APPLY TODAY.

Students who are accepted into the program will select the pathway that best suits them. From there we will support the student in enrolling in all the correct classes.