Imagine a foggy morning. Imagine a country road. You can go left or go right. To your right, you see a beautiful covered bridge built with strong, sturdy supports that goes over a gap in the road.  You drive through the bridge and you drive 500′ and the road dead ends into a corn field. What???

What good are bridges if they do not work? What good is a perfect bridge if no one uses it?

Your child took the MAP assessment or another assessment this Fall. The results of that assessment has a bridge and it is ready to be used and the road that follows it is amazing! The bridge is the learning path that your teacher creates and utilizes from the assessment results. Your teacher reads the data from that assessment and then they use a variety of tools to help bridge that gap in their understanding to get them to their destination, which is learning the standards for their grade level and success in education and life.

Assessment results of what your child knows —-> Bridge (lessons, teaching sessions, etc.) ——> Understanding of on-grade level standards.

Just like real bridges, the bridge your teacher builds for your child is a different shape and length than other children’s. They may ask your child to work on lessons in a variety of virtual programs. They focus on that bridge when they meet with your child to teach them in person. Whatever the method, it is a beautiful bridge that is designed just for them and it will lead to knowledge and  understanding. The support system of that bridge is you and the teacher. It takes you both as a team to keep that bridge sturdy and to keep it from ending in a corn field.

To keep it from being a dead end road, ensure they are completing all assignments they are given. Keep them responsible and accountable for their work.Talk to the teacher about the bridge and the road map to success.  Together, you and the teacher will help your child as they drive down the road to learning and see many beautiful bridges that lead to success in education and life. Going over bridges are a part of life and a part of learning. Making it a positive experience and showing your child you are committed to supporting them in all their journeys is a gift that has unending value. Thank you parents for all you do and for being one of the best parts of EPIC!!

-Yolanda Merriman