End of Instruction Exams (EOI)

High School students in the B-side of the following classes take End-of-Instruction exams: Algebra I, Algebra II, Geometry, Biology I, English II, English III, History.


Oklahoma law currently states that assessments must be taken once the corresponding course of instruction has been completed. In order to meet the federal legislation requirements, all students prior to graduating from high school must take the Algebra I, Biology I and English II assessments regardless of whether instruction has been taken, unless otherwise exempt. A total of four tests must passed. (OAC 210:10-13-2)


Some of the information in this section will be a repetition of the information provided for grades 3-8, but is repeated here for clarity and convenience. For those with students in both grades, please read carefully, as there are several differences in testing protocol between the 3-8 and EOI tests.


What to Expect:

All multiple choice tests are online tests, while the English 2 & 3 writing tests are pencil and paper. Most tests are scheduled for 120-140 minutes, though English tests are scheduled for 280 minutes, and actual finish times vary from student to student. Students will generally have time for a small break between tests, though food and drink will not be provided during this time. Parents and guardians are free to stay at the testing site throughout the day, or they may leave and return to pick up their student after testing has been completed.

ID Requirements:

Photo Identification is required for all testing students. Accepted forms of photo ID are shown here http://www.actstudent.org/faq/answers/id.html A state ID (obtained at most tag agencies) or notarized statement (obtained at many banks) are often the easiest to obtain.

Create An Epic Student ID

You may create an Epic student ID by clicking here. Your information will be saved and made available to testing coordinators. This is the easiest way for us to verify students who may not have another form of identification.

Test Dates & Locations:

Students are required to test at their predetermined test sites. In most cases, students have been assigned tests at a location nearest to their home.

For a testing calendar, please click here.

For a list of the main testing locations, please click here.


Additional Information & Testing Guides:

Use the linked PDF files for detailed information on the tests. The tests are arranged by subject, and handily indicate what tests will be needed for each.

EOI Parent, Student & Teacher Guides

EOI Reviews

Online Test Simulation:

The link below will take you to a simulation of the online tests. This is ONLY a simulation and not scored in any way at all. Again, this is not a practice test…

IEP Students:

Testing accommodations for standardized tests will be noted in the IEP as determined by the multidisciplinary team.

*** Students are not required to take an EOI if they haven’t taken the course.