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ABC MousePreK-2The Step-by-Step Learning Path presents the full curriculum in a carefully designed program of more than 350 lessons in six levels. As your child completes each lesson, he or she is guided to the next one and is motivated to continue learning by’s Tickets and Rewards System. Visit the website at:
Accelerated ReaderK-12 Accelerated Reader is a Renaissance program that gives student's access to over 210,000 quizzes in English and Spanish, and nearly 2,000 nonfiction articles, to deliver abundant reading choice. Students read a book or article of their choosing. Once they finish a book, students take a short quiz on what they've read. Each quiz is written to ensure students have read the entire book or article. Teachers gain instant insight into students' quiz results. That data can be used to set goals, monitor students' continued progress, and personalize lesson plans.
ACEABLE Driver's EducationHSACEABLE Driver's Education provides an online Oklahoma parent-taught drivers ed course that gives you everything you need to pass your permit test the first time! After completion, you're ready to start in-car lessons with an instructor. Course website:
Adventure Academy - ABCmouse3rd - 5thAdventure Academy is an educational massively multiplayer online game (MMO) for elementary and middle school students. It features thousands of enjoyable learning activities that are discovered on quests through an interactive virtual world. Expertly designed to create a highly engaging and educational environment, Adventure Academy focuses on building critical knowledge and skills in language arts, math, social studies, science, and more.
Fast ForWord ReadingK-12Fast ForWord reading intervention products support existing curriculum—they don’t replace it. They align to No Child Left Behind state mandates and have been an important factor in AYP success. And, most importantly, the gains students achieve are lasting, the result of enduring positive changes in their processing skills and learning capacity. Visit the site at: or request at demo at:
ALEKS3-12ALEKS is a research-based, online learning program that offers course products for Math, Chemistry, Statistics, and more. Rooted in 20 years of research and analytics, ALEKS is a proven, online learning platform that helps educators and parents understand each student's knowledge and learning progress in depth, and provides the individual support required for every student to achieve mastery.
BrainPopPreK-12Ideal for both group and one-on-one settings, BrainPOP is used in numerous ways in classrooms, at home, and on mobile devices, from introducing a new lesson or topic to illustrating complex subject matter to reviewing before a test. Content is mapped to Common Core, aligned to academic standards, and easily searchable with our onlineStandards Tool. Uniquely suited for 21st-century learning, all products are fully compatible with interactive whiteboards, learner response systems, projectors, Macs, and PCs. No downloading, installation, or special hardware is required. Visit the site:
Coach Digital1-8 (ELA and Math), 3-8 (science), High School (math)Coach Digital is a comprehensive digital toolkit for teachers, packed with thousands of lessons and assessments for grades 1-12 in ELA and Math and 3-8 in Science. It contains an extensive digital library with multi-leveled resources that can be used to differentiate lessons to support standards acquisition.
Discovery EdK-8Discovery Education is now your daily learning platform. Built around the amazing content it is known for, you’ll find brand new tools and resources to engage students with that content, track their progress in real-time, and gain professional inspiration, every day. In addition to access to K-12 Discovery Education Experience, Epic teachers and students can access the K-8 Science Techbooks and 6-8 Social Studies Techbooks. Meet the new Discovery Education by visiting the site at
Dreambox Learning MathK-8DreamBox Learning© Math empowers students to master the key concepts of elementary math, increase achievement, accelerate student learning, and boost long-lasting confidence. All kids—even struggling students—can become mathematicians within our competency-based, intelligently adaptive online math learning environment at school or at home. Visit the website:
EdpuzzleK-12Edpuzzle is an easy-to-use platform where you can make any video your lesson. With just one click, you can find video lessons created by other teachers, including formative assessment! Another click and you can adapt that video by embedding your own questions or audio. With the final click, assign it to your students and get beautiful hassle-free analytics: see who watched the video, who didn't understand the lesson and who did a good job. Students can re-watch the video as many times as they need at their own pace, while you can easily check their progress from your account.
Flocabulary K-12Flocabulary is a learning program for all grades that uses educational hip-hop music to engage students and increase achievement across the curriculum. Teachers at 20,000 schools use Flocabulary's standards-based vieos, instructional activities and student creativity tools to supplement instruction and develop core literacy skills. Flocabulary's multimodal approach to standards-based instruction reaches all learners where they are and engages them in rigorous academic content. Research-based videos and activities build the background knowledge and vocabulary students need to succeed. Discover more information at
FreckleK-8Freckle is a Renaissance program that offers practice in ELA, Math, Science and Social Studies. Freckle continuously adapts for student practice in math or ELA activities, allowing teachers to spend less time manually differentiating lessons and more time helping students develop and progress. Freckle's incentives and age-appropriate designs provide a balance of fun and learning. Rewards for achievement recognize student growth in ways they think are fun. Students will ask to practice in Freckle! Freckle increases student growth and proficiency through standards-based skill development in math and ELA, personalized goal setting, and mastery. Easily identify skill gaps to determine where to focus teaching and learning.
Generation GeniusK-8Generation Genius is a K-8 teaching resource that brings school science standards to life through fun and educational videos paired with lesson plans, activities, quizzes, reading material and more. Our videos are produced in partnership with the National Science Teaching Association, and aligned to standards in all 50 states.
Imagine Math3-12In Grades 3 and above, students are invited to a meaningful exploration of mathematical understanding. Rigorous, standards-rich content adapts to the unique needs of each learner to develop essential foundations and conceptual understanding they need to achieve grade-level mastery. Unique to Imagine Math, point-of-need access to certified Live Teachers makes deep learning beyond the bell a reality.Intro Video
i-ReadyK-8i-Ready Learning is a collection of high-quality instructional resources that help students learn and grow by accessing grade-level materials. Grounded in best-practice instructional design, these tools provide rigorous and motivating reading and mathematics instruction that engage students of all levels and backgrounds, motivate students to persist in skill building, provide scaffolded support that meets the needs of all students, create personal learning pathways, and connect to i-Ready diagnostic data so teachers can make informed teaching decisions.
IXL PK-12IXL is a digital learning space that covers PreK-12 curriculum in Math, ELA, Science, and Social Studies. Diverse features allow students to work independently or as a class. Some top features include: personalized skill plans based on ACT score or teacher recommendations, instructional Math videos built into the practice platform, practice skills aligned to Oklahoma Academic Standards, Math and ELA Games for elementary ages, and much more! Visit to learn more or take a tour.
Lexia Core 5PreK-5Lexia Core5 Reading is an adaptive blended learning program that accelerates the development of literacy skills for students of all abilities, helping them make that critical shift from learning to read to reading to learn.
Mastery Coding3-12Pathway Esports (Grades 6-12)
Channel students’ passion for gaming into college and career opportunities and ignite interest in computer science through one of the fastest-growing industries in the world. With Pathway Esports™, students will learn everything they need to start and run their own esports team and compete in local and national tournaments. No prior esports experience is required to succeed.

Current Games Offered:
Become the hero at your school and launch Epic’s first Overwatch esports league with Mastery Coding’s Pathway Esports curriculum. You’ll learn everything you need to know to start and run your own esports team and compete in local and national tournaments.

Get in the game and launch Epic’s first Fortnite esports league with Mastery Coding’s Pathway Esports curriculum. You’ll learn everything you need to know to start and run your own esports team and compete in local and national tournaments.

Web Development Foundations (Grades 6-10)
Teaching to the core of HTML, CSS and JavaScript, Web Development Foundations guides students in building their own professional web pages and applications. This project-based course gives students an understanding of how HTML is used to create content on a webpage, how CSS is used to modify the layout and design of HTML, and how JavaScript breathes life into webpages by leveraging computer science concepts.

Game Development Foundations (Grades 6-10)
This web-based course uses JavaScript, HTML5 Canvas, and the P5.js graphics library to teach students the fundamentals of 2D and 3D graphics, animations, and web game development. Students will work through four units to create their own arcade game, storybook adventure, 3D pong game and more.

Computer Science Essentials (Grades 3-6)
Mastery Coding’s Computer Science Essentials course blends unplugged learning activities with block-based programming. Kibi and Kala the coding koalas will guide students in learning core digital citizenship principles and the introductory computer science knowledge they need to be successful and safe in today’s technological world.
Magoosh11Magoosh ACT test prep is designed to make your ACT study experience as close to the real exam as possible. They've built one of the best ACT prep courses around and our timed practice tests simulate what you'll face on test day.
Math Seeds PreK-5Mathseeds teaches kids aged 3-9 the core math and problem solving skills needed to be successful at school with fun, highly interactive and rewarding lessons. Mathseeds combines highly structured lessons with fun motivational elements that keep children engaged and keen to learn. Visit the website:
MindplayK-12MindPlay is an adaptive online tool which provides multisensory, explicit, systematic reading instruction to students. It utilizes technology with synthetic intelligence to teach students to read with a one-on-one virtual reading coach. The average student using the program at home improves one grade level every 20 hours!

Additionally, it can be used by students of several categories, including –
Special education
GED preparation
English Language Learners
Bilingual Education
Adult literacy programs
MobyMaxK-8MobyMax is an adaptive curriculum that supports differentiated learning for kindergarten through 8th grade students. Moby’s adaptive curriculum creates a unique, individualized education plan for each student, allowing grade-level or above students to progress as quickly as they like, while simultaneously ensuring that remedial students get the extra instruction they need.
The webpage is outdated and not necessary since it is a supplement now. I would suggest deleting it and instead prompt families to visit *I don't have access to this, so I think it is probably outdated and can be deleted.
Nearpodk-12Nearpod helps educators make any lesson interactive whether in the classroom or virtual. The concept is simple. A teacher can create interactive lessons that can contain Quizzes, Polls, Videos, Collaborate Boards, and more. You can access thousands of pre-built K-12 standards-aligned lessons or upload your existing lessons and make them interactive.
The students can access a teacher’s lesson through a code and the teacher then moves the class through the presentation and lets students interact with the media as they go. Teachers can also opt for Student-Paced mode, where the student controls the flow of the lesson.
NewselaK-12Newsela is an Instructional Content Platform that provides students and teachers access to highly engaging content across a wide variety of topics for all content areas. We meet the needs of every student by leveling each article into 5 different reading levels in English and Spanish. Newsela’s adaptive technology provides formative assessments to find each student’s reading level, then it automatically feeds articles to students at the level that’s just right for them. The result is a more personalized experience and engaged readers. Newsela has become an essential solution for schools and districts, with a presence in over 90% of U.S. K-12 schools. Learn more by visiting
No Red Ink4-12NoRed Ink's writing curriculum ( engages learners in grades 3-12 by personalizing exercises to their interests, boosting their skills through differentiated practice, and guiding them step-by-step as they draft and revise essays. Built-in diagnostic tools make it easy for teachers to track individual student growth so they can work with students that need more intervention while others progress at their own pace. It’s aligned with the Oklahoma state standards, SAT/ACT/NWEA, WIDA, and Common Core, and is used by more than 60% of US districts. The ELA Instructional coaches strongly encourage teachers to consider purchasing No Red Ink as their core writing curriculum for students in 3th-8th grade.
Here is a link to our demo account. The password is Sparkling water. Teachers will not be able to add students to this account, but this is a great opportunity to look at all of the curriculum we offer. There is a list of guidelines that teachers and parents should use to navigate the program. (List of Guidelines:
My Math Academy PreK-2My Math Academy is an award-winning, adaptive game-based program that helps students in preschool through 2nd grade build a strong understanding of fundamental number sense concepts and skills. Its game-based instruction and assessment experiences are built on top of a research-based concept map to assess what students know, place them accordingly in the curriculum, and move them through at a pace uniquely tailored to each one’s needs. My Math Academy covers more than 200 learning objectives, including counting, comparing quantities, the base ten system, addition, and subtraction. Students learn through a variety of strategies including counting on, one-to-one comparison, and using manipulatives such as number lines and base ten blocks to add and subtract.
Reading EggsK-5Reading Eggs makes learning to read interesting and engaging for kids, with great online reading games and activities. Reading Eggs supports each child’s learning by offering individual, one-on-one lessons. The program is ideal for children who are preparing to learn to read or struggling with their reading. The online lessons allow students to progress at their own rate, gradually building their reading confidence and rewarding them at every step of the way.Visit the website:
Reading Plus3-12Reading Plus is an evidence-based, online program that provides personalized instruction and intervention for students, improving reading proficiency by 2.5 grade levels in a single school year. The adaptive literacy program develops fluency, comprehension, and vocabulary, while also measuring student motivation. It supports students with diverse needs, including multilingual learners, students who qualify for special education services, RTI/MTSS Tiers 1–3, and advanced readers. Reading Plus provides educators with an easy-to-use management and reporting system, extensive resources to guide differentiated instruction, professional development, and highly rated customer support. Used in more than 7,800 schools, the Reading Plus program is helping over 1 million students become confident, lifelong readers. For more information, visit
Visit the website:
Studies Weekly Online K-6*Studies Weekly is a customized, standards-based digital curriculum founded on deep learning strategies that increase student knowledge and skills in Social Studies, Science, and Well-Being. The student-friendly and robust online learning platform is aligned to state standards and frameworks, organized through themes, integrated with ELA and cross-curricular activities, and culturally relevant. To preview state-specific publications visit Weekly's New Digital Platform Commercial:
*Epic Charter Schools has acess to 6th grade Science and Social Studies publications. Please note that these publications are not 100% aligned to the most current OAS standards.
Study IslandK-12Since 2000, Study Island, from Archipelago Learning, has been building online, state standards-based learning programs that are the most effective and easiest to use of their kind. Used by millions of students in thousands of schools across the United States, all of our programs are built specifically from state standards and are designed to create a very user-friendly experience. Visit the website:

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Typing AgentK-12Set your students up for success with our adaptive curriculum, delivering the perfect keyboarding curriculum pinpointed to each of your student's individual proficiency level at just the right time.