All Epic students in grades K-2 have access to SuccessMaker® as part of an ongoing effort to ensure student progress. SuccessMaker® provides an online reading and math learning experience focused on the needs of the individual student for instruction that is truly and automatically differentiated.

Why We Use SuccessMaker

It is adaptive. That means it meets the student where they are in their learning. When used consistently, SuccessMaker demonstrates student growth of more than a year and a half in as little time as 4 months on average. It ensures learning gains for students in need of remediation and, in a similar fashion, it also allows more advanced students the ability to flourish.

Other Features and Benefits

  • Reading content that integrates social studies, science and interdisciplinary themes.
  • Mathematics content that combines instruction in fundamental skills with development of higher-order thinking strategies.
  • A completely customized learning path built around the program’s ongoing, real-time analysis of each learner’s actual performance.
  • On-demand intervention including scaffolded feedback, step-by-step tutorials and prerequisite instruction triggered when a learner encounters challenges.
  • Powerful data management to monitor student progress, customize lessons and forecast achievement.

iPad Users

iPad users encountering any trouble with the SuccessMaker App may click here for a step-by-step setup guide.