The Major Family

The Major Family

The Major family has three students enrolled at EPIC right now. Riley is in tenth grade, Langston in seventh and Zendaya in pre-k. Still, their mother says the three students share something else in common: educational opportunities they didn’t know about before attending EPIC.

“My children seemed to have a hard time at their traditional public school with bullies and teachers who didn’t seem invested in their success,” Kimberly said. “It took us a while to realize how serious the problem was, but now EPIC has made a huge difference, and my children are much happier.”

Kimberly attributes her children’s success to caring teachers who are actively invested in each student’s progress.

“The teachers keep us very informed,” she said. “The minute they notice our children starting to have problems, they work very hard to make sure they receive all the help and attention needed to help them learn.”

Kimberly says the teachers’ positivity encourages her children to try harder and never give up.

“I have so much hope now to continue their education beyond high school because of the opportunities we’ve found with EPIC,” Kimberly said. “We love EPIC!”