Pandemic Concerns Lead Samuel to EPIC

Samuel Shirley

Samuel Shirley

Concern over COVID-19 safety at Samuel’s traditional school sparked the pre-k student’s move to EPIC. His parents wanted a distance learning option that would enable their son to learn safely without sacrificing quality of learning. Their search quickly concluded that EPIC was their best option for combining a virtual learning format with an excellent education.

“EPIC allows a more flexible schedule to meet our family’s needs,” Samuel’s mother said. “Now, we miss fewer school days, have a more detailed curriculum and more personal interaction with our son’s teacher.”

Samuel’s parents describe themselves as “hands-on”, a quality supported by EPIC’s ability to adapt curriculum to the unique needs of each student and the virtual public charter’s emphasis on teacher to family interaction.

“We have more input in our son’s learning and that means a lot to us,” his mother said. “The fact that our child will not have to start over each year with a new teacher means a lot to us as well.”

We are honored to show students like Samuel that school can be safe, school can be flexible and #SchoolCanBeDifferent!