Kennedy and Kate Fishburn

Kennedy and Kate Fishburn

Kate Fishburn is a second-grader at EPIC Charter School, two years ahead of her younger sister, Kennedy, who is in kindergarten. Their mother, Courtney, says EPIC has been the best choice for her two girls and their entire family.

“My kids and I do well with continuous learning,” Courtney said. “But traditional public schools aren’t able to provide that right now, so we turned to EPIC.”

The family was happy to find an alternative option without sacrificing standards of education.

“We needed the knowledge and support of a teacher and adherence to state standards,” Courtney said. “I did not want my girls to fall behind.”

Much the opposite, the sisters have excelled under EPIC’s flexible learning style.

“My second grader is now thriving on an upper second-grade reading level and doing some third grade math skills,” Courtney said. “My kindergartener is now working on first-grade skills and reading on a first-grade level.”

With two parents working outside the home, Kate and Kennedy are able to complete their work at a pace that fits their family. It is exactly that kind of flexibility EPIC is proud to offer our students.

Thank you to the Fishburn family for the reminder that #SchoolCanBeDifferent.