Grayson Russell

A car accident left Grayson Russell with broken bones, a brain injury and Post Concussive Syndrome. His diagnoses included issues like light sensitivity, anxiety, cognitive delays and loss of physical coordination.

In the face of these physical challenges, Grayson was also at risk of losing an entire semester of credit at his traditional high school. His family decided to pursue EPIC’s virtual education format instead. Nearly three years later, Grayson and his family call it ‘the perfect choice’.

“Grayson, his teacher and I worked closely to make necessary modifications to rebuild his confidence while his physical wounds mended,” Grayson’s mother said. “The whole child was addressed, not just his physical issues. We couldn’t have been blessed with a better teacher who helped Grayson heal, grow and succeed.

“EPIC utilizes every resource it has to further my son’s success, from an Individualized Education Program to volunteer opportunities. Even other students have shown their support by reminding Grayson that he isn’t broken or damaged.”

Grayson plans to attend Francis Tuttle concurrently during his senior year. He says he is excited about his educational future and optimistic about his future health, thanks to his teachers at EPIC, medical providers and family.

Grayson, it is our privilege to play a part in your health and educational success. Continue to #DareGreatly!