Ben Cloud

Ben Cloud

When Ben Cloud was in third grade, he dreaded going to school. To escape the bullying he experienced daily, his mother enrolled him in EPIC. Now in eleventh grade, Ben has grown in confidence and academic success.

“EPIC has allowed Ben to study his way. He is a kinesthetic learner, which was not supported in a traditional classroom,” his mother said. “Now he can learn exactly how he needs to without getting in trouble or disturbing the class.”

With EPIC, Ben is able to adjust his schedule to suit his individual learning style, working ahead or taking breaks as needed. The virtual public charter’s flexibility also allows Ben to pursue extracurricular activities that enrich his social and academic life.

“Ben is a member of the Broken Arrow Youth City Council and also a member of the Boy Scouts,” his mother said. “He recently earned his rank as Eagle Scout and completed a project in which he collected 12,500 Band-Aids for The Children’s Hospital at Saint Francis.”

Ben uses EPIC’s flexibility to make a difference and has spent more than 100 hours volunteering at The Children’s Hospital over the last few years. He has also applied his EPIC learning fund to learn American Sign Language courses so he can better serve and communicate with a deaf member of the Sunday school class he volunteers in weekly.

His mom said it this way: “Without EPIC, Ben would not have nearly as much of the self-confidence he has now. EPIC is a life-changer!”