Epic Charter School is grateful to the families who continue to make Epic their school of choice. During the past few years, we’ve proudly highlighted many of our students who have inspired us through the Student Spotlight series.

This series uncovered stories that touched our lives in ways too difficult to put into words. For that reason, our hope is to continue telling these stories through video…and let our students and their families speak for themselves.

The Sanches Family

Discover what this family is doing to change the lives of thousands of thirsty people living in Ghana, Africa. Prepare to shed tears of sadness and joy. Brace yourself. You’ll be inspired. #peoplearethirsty

Learn more about the Precious Child Foundation and Walk for Water

To date, Walk for Water has raised $40,000 to produce water wells that provide clean water for more than 4,000 people living there. Learn more about the Precious Child Foundation at http://preciouschildfoundation.org today.


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