The Student Excellence Award (SEA) program cultivates and supports student learning and development. The SEA is awarded to one student at the end of each semester and recognizes exemplary students who are making exceptional contributions to their personal development and their community.

Nominees are evaluated on the following criteria:
1. Minimum of 3 “A’s” on current grade card/report card or achievement of overall grade improvement
2. Student is recommended by their teacher/parent/caregiver
3. Extra-curricular activity; Sports, community activity, volunteering/community services, music, hobbies, media, leadership
4. Has received other awards, certificates, or diplomas in the current or past school year

The SEA is rewarded twice a year. The deadline for nomination is two weeks before the end of the semester window (excluding the last day). Nominations will be chosen on the last day of each semester.

Teachers, caregivers, and students can nominate one student a semester (for students it can even be yourself!).

Student Excellence Nomination Form

Please select your relation to the student you are nominating.
Please list the name of the student you are submitting.
Student GPA can be found within the Parent Portal.
Please list all the activities the student is currently involved in.
Please list why you are nominating this student and why you think that embody student excellence.