College Preparatory/Work Ready Parental Curriculum Choice Letter

Dear Parent or Legal Guardian:

Under 70 O.S. § 11-103.6, state law requires eighth grade students entering the ninth grade to complete the college preparatory/work ready high school curriculum outlined in the statute, unless the student’s parent or legal guardian approves the student to enroll in the core curriculum. The college preparatory/work ready curriculum and the core curriculum requirements are attached. Successful completion of either curriculum will result in a student receiving a standard diploma. However, the core curriculum does not meet college entrance requirements, nor requirements for the Oklahoma’s Promise scholarship available to students whose family income is $55,000 or less annually and who earn a 2.5 GPA in the college preparatory/work ready curriculum.

Choosing the courses a student takes in high school is an important decision for you and your child. A college preparatory curriculum is challenging, and may help determine a student’s future success in higher education and the world of work.

According to the law, your child will automatically be enrolled in the college preparatory/work ready curriculum, and you do not need to take any action to enroll your child in this curriculum.

However, if you choose the core curriculum, you must do all three of the following:

  1. Meet with a school official to discuss your options,
  2. Complete the information below, and
  3. Return this signed form to the school prior to enrollment.

Please contact your child’s high school principal or school counselor if you have any questions or need additional information.

Graduation Path Change

When you meet with your teacher to discuss changing your student’s graduation path, the teacher will ask you to sign a copy of the Parental Curriculum Choice Letter. They will then access your student’s Individual Learning Plan (ILP) to update the selected curriculum path from the College Preparatory/Work Ready path to the Core path. The Parental Curriculum Choice Letter form has been placed below for the families that are unable to meet in person to sign the form.

College Preparatory/Work Ready Parental Curriculum Choice Form

As the parent or legal guardian, I am selecting the core curriculum for my student and understand this curriculum does not meet college entrance requirements nor OK Promise scholarship requirements.
Student Information
Expected Graduation Year if student were to enter High School as a Freshman and graduate in four years.
School Information
Parent Information
Signature is required.