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Ordering From the Learning Fund Parent Portal Guide

Parent Sign-In Guide


Username: Email address in which you enrolled your student

Password: If not known, please select the “Forgot Password”

If you are a parent AND received the email on how to set up your account, but the link expired prior to your ability to do so, please submit a ticket to Technical Support – Epic Charter Schools for assistance in creating your account.

If you are a parent and did not receive an email regarding an account setup, please reach out via the linked Technical Support page to gain assistance with your account.

To link your student, the ‘Access ID’ is their ‘Student Number’. This is the number attached to your student’s initials on their google accounts with EPIC.
(Ex: would mean “123456” is the student’s Student Number).

The ‘password’ is the student’s birthday without padded zeros. Examples of this format include:

Actual Birthdate: Password without padded zeros:
April 20, 2016 4202016
November 7, 2010 1172010
October 15, 2012 10152012

If you run into any trouble logging in or connecting your student(s), you are able to submit a ticket to Technical Support – Epic Charter Schools. You will select the bottom option that reads, “Click here for all other Tech Support Needs”