The Epic Next Step program is an opportunity to introduce high school students to post-secondary education, and training opportunities, as well as a peek into the workforce.

Our five-year goal is to have 90% of our graduating seniors participate in the EPIC Next Step program.

To participate in the EPIC Next Step program a student needs to complete a course in one of the four following categories:

    A student can take a college course and earn dual credit. If the course is through an Oklahoma State College or University the tuition can be waived by the Board of Regents. Other costs such as fees and books can be paid for by the Epic Learning Fund.
    A student can take courses and earn certification from one of the many available career tech programs provided throughout the state. While earning dual credit a student would then be able to graduate and enter the workforce immediately.
    A student that has a particular interest can earn high school credit by working 60 hours for an organization while developing soft skills that will help them the rest of their lives.
  4. Work Study
    For a student that already has a job, they can earn high school credit by digging deeper into the opportunities for growth they might obtain from their current employer.

Be sure to watch the video.

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  1. Wyjuana Montgomery

    My son, Khiry Montgomery, is a Junior currently participating in Concurrent Enrollment at Francis Tuttle-Portland Campus in the Advanced Manufacturing Program and he just started working at Little Caesar’s Pizza. Is he automatically in the Next Step Program because of his concurrent enrollment?


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