Epic Charter Schools is a FREE Online Public School.

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School Can Be Different.

Epic Charter Schools is a FREE PreK-12 public school provided in partnership with the Oklahoma State Board of Virtual Education for parents/students seeking a non-traditional educational setting utilizing internet-based, individualized self-paced instruction provided in nearly any location.

At Epic Charter Schools, we are dedicated to providing students and families with a learning environment that can meet an individual student’s unique needs. The core values of honesty, respect, tolerance, fairness, self-discipline, integrity, responsibility, citizenship, work ethic, and trust are the foundation upon which the School is built.

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Each child is unique and needs an individualized education plan. At Epic, we offer a variety of curriculum options that can be customized to your child’s learning style. Our Oklahoma certified teachers are trained to pinpoint your child’s needs and create an individualized learning plan designed to maximize his or her potential.


In our model, students can compress learning time into as little as a few hours each day. This means many students can enjoy a self-paced schedule that allows them to participate in competitive club sports or a variety of other activities. In fact, several of our students compete at high levels in their sports all while learning on pace.


Your child will receive one-on-one instruction from an Oklahoma certified teacher at the convenience of your own home. Our faculty of more than 825 teachers are handpicked and cover the state of Oklahoma. In fact, it is quite likely your teacher might live just minutes away – making it easy to schedule home visits.