Letter from Epic Founder

Creating Partnerships…

Epic Charter Schools provide a unique opportunity for students with their parents to partner together educationally while realizing each student’s individual potential. I founded Epic with the vision of filling a void that exists in our public education system. The goal of the school is to work in partnership with students and parents to ensure each child’s success.

Epic practices consistent, positive, and two-way communication so students and parents will always know the status of the education process. We serve Pre-K-12 (ages 4-21) and offer an individualized, online curriculum which will bring out the excitement each student should experience during the learning process. Students will find they want to continue to learn each and every day. Our School is free to all Oklahoma students.

In addition to online instruction, we also offer the opportunity to communicate with a certified teacher who will meet with you face-to-face any time. A student learning fund is set up which can be used for curriculum, technology (computers, internet access, etc.), learning activities, and/or extra-curricular activities chosen by you, with approval from the school in your local area.

Our goal is for your child to be all they can be. This is a partnership that has been proven to realize individual educational potential. I want to personally invite you to be part of this innovative program.

There will be success!

David Chaney
Superintendent & Founder
Epic Charter Schools