Learning Fund

The EPIC Learning Fund is one of the most unique aspects of an EPIC education!

EPIC is the only public school in Oklahoma that offers each student a Learning Fund. The Learning Fund is an allocation of credit on a student’s account that can be used for learning resources and extracurricular efforts. Each student’s allotment is $1,000 in addition to the high-quality instruction and services they receive from EPIC!

Learning Fund

What can the Learning Fund be used to purchase?

All items purchased MUST possess educational merit. After deducting the price of a core curriculum, the allocated funds may be used for supplemental curriculum, extra-curricular activities and or educational technology.

When can I access the Learning Fund?

Learning Fund availability (outside of purchasing core and supplemental curriculum for the upcoming school year) opens the first day of the scholastic school year and closes on the last day in March the following year. Families may submit vendor invoices up until May 31st, of the scholastic year. This is to include services that may occur during the summer months. These invoices would cover June/July/August classes. For summer month invoices to be recognized and invoiced, the following criteria must be met:

  • Students MUST be enrolled for the upcoming school year.
  • Students MUST have the available Learning Fund monies required to cover all services rendered (Funds cannot be taken from the upcoming school year).
  • Students MAY NOT be in truancy violation.

When I purchase something from the Learning Fund, is it mine to keep?

The short answer is No.

  • All items purchased through Learning Fund monies are the property of EPIC Charter Schools.
  • Learning Fund items are purchased by EPIC Charter Schools and are then checked out to the students for their use. All non-consumable items must be returned to the school upon graduation, withdraw or any other reason the student’s status does not reflect “enrolled” with EPIC Charter Schools.
  • Please note that consumable items, activities and lessons cannot be returned, for obvious reasons.

What is the process for accessing the Learning Fund?

Requests for items are made through the Parent Portal. Once an order is reviewed, approved and processed, EPIC Charter Schools will purchase the product/service for the student using their allocated monies, available within their Learning Fund.

Learn about the Parent Portal here

What is the difference between a product and a service?

A product is a learning tool such as a book, chemistry set, flash cards, software, hardware, etc…

A service would be an instructional course/lesson, such as music lessons, dance lessons, tutoring, and other extracurricular activities. Please note that the Learning Fund cannot be used to purchase theme park, museum or any facility entry/membership fees.

When wanting extracurricular activities paid for with the Learning Fund:

  • Check to make sure the funds are available.
  • The vendor is an approved vendor with EPIC Charter Schools (the list can be found HERE)
  • Please request a Purchase Order through the Parent Portal. This provides an allotted monetary hold for a specific monetary amount, to the vendor for upcoming services rendered. It is not considered a payment, but an assurance the funds are available for payment.

Policy and Procedures that the Learning Fund must abide:

  • Parents/Teachers CANNOT be reimbursed for any educational expenses.
  • EPIC MUST PURCHASE the products or services for the student(s).
  • Parents/Teachers CANNOT be paid directly to purchase educational items or for services provided
  • Families cannot share amongst students that are not residing under the same Family ID.
  • The Learning Fund cannot be appropriated, applied, used, donated – directly or indirectly – for the use of faith-based materials, denomination, sect, church or system of religion or religious belief or teachings (Section II-5 of the Oklahoma Constitution: Article II – Bill of Rights).
  • EPIC cannot purchase musical equipment, workout equipment, furniture and other large items.
  • Memberships are not allowed to be paid through the Learning Fund.

***This list is subject to change***

Common FAQ’s

Q: How much money is allocated to the Learning Fund?
A: For the 2019-2020 school year, the Learning Fund amount is $1,000.

Q: What requirements are needed to obtain a Learning Fund?
A: The student must be enrolled for the scholastic school year prior to October 1st.

Q: Does the cost of curriculum come out of the students Learning Fund?
A: Yes. Each student’s Learning Fund will be deducted the amount of the specific curriculum purchased.

Q: Does the cost of Leasing Epic technology come out of the Learning Fund?
A: Yes. Each student’s Learning Fund will be deducted the amount of the technology purchased (Laptops, IPads*, Wireless Mifi Hotspot, Headphones).

Q: Can my student still get curriculum and technology if they do not qualify for a Learning Fund?
A: Yes. A student that does not qualify for a Learning Fund will be given a base curriculum and the option for a Laptop and Mifi when applicable, at the expense of EPIC Charter Schools. They will not have access for any additional purchases, however.

Q: Will unused Learning Fund monies rollover to the next school year?
A: Yes. Students are not required to use up all of their available funds each year. The remaining funds will roll over to the upcoming school year.

Q: How much does the Curriculum Cost?
A: Once enrolled, a link will be sent via email that provides you with a list of the available curriculum and their varying prices.

Q: How do I return assets?
A: See asset returns

EPIC Assets

EPIC Charter Schools is proud to offer every student the educational technology they need to be successful. It is with this mindset that we allow each student the opportunity to use their Learning Fund to purchase a Laptop, Wireless Mifi and a variety of educational assets. While the assets belong to EPIC Charter Schools, they are lent out to the students each year and must be returned when the student graduates, withdraws, or any other reason the student’s status does not reflect “enrolled” with EPIC Charter Schools.

Policies and Procedures

The Assets department has implemented the following policies and procedures for all Epic families:

  • Wireless Hotspot (Mifi)
    • Mifi devices are at a 3:1 ratio meaning that for every 3 students enrolled on the learning fund 1 device is allowed.
    • A family may request a secondary Mifi due to varying circumstances. These circumstances are reviewed and subject to the sole discretion of the Asset and Learning Fund department.
    • Mifi connectivity issues may occur. When this happens, EPIC will review if the Mifi provider is suitable for the student’s location. Secondary options are available if needed.
  • Chromebooks and iPads
    • Students may use their Learning Fund to receive a laptop or iPad. Students may not get both. iPads are on a limited supply and are not guaranteed to be available.

Technical Issues

Device Support: https://epiccharterschools.org/technical-support

The phone number for our technical support provider, Beasley Technology, has changed. Should you need to call, the number is 405-652-0935.

Asset Returns

Return requests can be made three different ways by a parent or teacher. It can be requested by phone, through the EPIC website, or the assets email.

Technology Replacement

Technology will get broken, stolen, or lost throughout the year and replacement request can be made by phone or email. Depending on the situation the steps will vary to get the replacement process started. To file a claim, please contact the Assets department by phone or email.

First-time login information is the users first initial, second initial and EPICc ID (i.e. AB1234).

Laptop Care:

It may go without saying, but the lifespan of a laptop can be extended if the proper care is taken. Likewise, when the hardware is mistreated, a variety of problems arise and the lifespan of the device is shortened.

Here is a short list of the best and easiest ways to make sure your laptop stays in working order.

  1. Keep a record of the serial number, make and model of the laptop in case it is stolen or lost so you can report it immediately. You are required to report a stolen laptop to the police.
  2. Do not use a laptop on a bed, carpet or couch. This can cause the fans on the underside the laptop to not work and the laptop to overheat. Overheating can cause the laptop to restart repeatedly and can lead to hard drive and circuit damage.
  3. Place the laptop on a clean, flat surface. A well-ventilated area helps the fans to work properly and extends the life of the laptop.
  4. Keep food and drink away from the laptop. Spills and crumbs in the keyboard can cause malfunctions in the circuitry.
  5. Books and other heavy objects should not be placed on a laptop or stuffed inside a laptop bag with the laptop.
  6. Carry the laptop by the base, not the screen. Carrying the laptop by the screen can cause undue stress to the hinges and can lead to scratches on the display.
  7. Do not expose the laptop to extreme temperatures like using it outside or leaving it in a car.
  8. Be careful not to shut the screen with objects like pens, pencils or notebooks still on the keyboard.
  9. Keep cord away from rolling chairs.
  10. Call (405)-652-0935. or submit a technology support ticket to Beasley Technology if the computer needs repair and backup your files before sending the computer out. Please do not try to repair the computer on your own.


Q: I received my MiFi but not my laptop, do they ship together?
A: No, items do not ship together due to inventory supply and demand.

Q: It’s been a week and I have yet to receive my Tech. Where is it?
A: Per policy, shipping can take up to 1-3 weeks. Depending on order volume product availability.

Q: My MiFi doesn’t work/is lost/is broken, can you send me a new one?
A: Please contact Assets to troubleshoot the issue. Once the issue is established, we will help to determine the course of action needed. This can range from switching providers to returning the defective device and sending out a replacement when applicable.

Q: My kids live in separate households and need a second MiFi, can we make an exception?
A: After a review from the Learning Fund, we will help determine if there is a potential solution to this question. Currently, our policy is a 3 student to 1 Mifi ratio. We understand that this guideline is loosely defined. Mitigating circumstances can be reviewed and are at the discretion of EPIC Charter School.

Q: When did the learning fund start charging for damages, I thought it was free?
A: This is not a new policy. Due to the large student body that EPIC has, as a school, we must implement charges for damaged technology in order to help keep the overhead cost of these services and products at a reasonable rate for our students. There are times in which a charge may have been overlooked in the past, going forward, this will not be the issue.

For any other questions not addressed, please feel free to reach out to our Assets department at 405-749-4550 X245.

All policies and procedures are subject to change.