Learning Fund

The EPIC Learning Fund is one of the most unique aspects of an EPIC education!

EPIC is the only public school in Oklahoma that offers each student a Learning Fund allocation for learning resources and extracurricular efforts. Each student’s allocation is $900 in addition to the high-quality instruction and services they receive from EPIC!

What can the Learning Fund be used to purchase?

All items MUST be educational. After the price of core curriculum choice is deducted, leftover funds can be used for supplemental curriculum and extracurricular activities.

When can I access the Learning Fund?

Access to Learning Funds (outside of purchasing core and supplemental curriculum for the coming school year) begins the first day of school and ends in March the following year. However, families may place orders through May for activities taking place over the summer.  Class invoices that span over the summer need to be submitted by May 31.  These invoices would cover June/July/August classes.

When I check out something using the Learning Fund, is it mine to keep?


All items checked out through the Learning Fund are the property of the school.

Learning Fund items are checked out to the students for their use and must be returned to the school if the student is no longer enrolled.

For obvious reasons, though, music lessons, dance lessons and such cannot be returned.

What is the process for accessing the Learning Fund?

Requests for items are made through the Parent Portal. Learn more about how to use the Parent Portal here.

Once an order is made, EPIC will purchase the product or service for the student/family using the funds allocated for the Learning Fund account.

What is the difference between a product and a service?

A product is a learning tool such as a book, chemistry set, software, hardware…

A service would be something like instructional courses/lessons such as music lessons, YMCA classes, and other extracurricular activities.

When wanting extracurricular activities paid for with the Learning Fund:

Check to make sure funds are available through your Parent Portal.

Make requests through your Parent Portal.

What is the Learning Fund NOT ALLOWED to do?

  • Parents CANNOT be reimbursed for any educational expenses.
  • Epic MUST PURCHASE the products or services for the student(s).
  • Parents CANNOT be paid directly to purchase educational items.
  • Memberships are not allowed to be paid through the Learning Fund.