Epic Charter Schools recently formed a new partnership with Rose State College. This new collaboration will allow the school to have blended Learning Centers in both Tulsa and Oklahoma Counties. At this time, state law does not allow Epic to operate facilities in any other counties. (More questions are answered in the FAQ below the video on this page.)

These blended Learning Centers will allow students to establish a schedule that works for their parents or guardians while customizing a learning plan that fits the individual student’s needs. Students will have access to online curriculum, supervised learning activities, and food services under one roof monitored by Epic staff.

Unique aspects of the program are:

  • flexible schedules
  • free before and after care
  • low staff to student ratios
  • heavy use of technology to personalize learning to an individual child’s needs

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  Is Epic Charter School accredited?

A:  Yes, the school is accredited by the Oklahoma Department of Education as a public charter school.

Q: Where are the Learning Centers located?

A: Oklahoma City: 11911 N Pennsylvania Ave, 73120

Tulsa: 3810 S. 103rd East Avenue, Suite 102 in the Woodward Building, 74146

Q: What will the staff  to student ratio be at the Learning Centers?

A: 13:1

Q: What if we’ve already enrolled in the One-on-One Program before this became an option?

A: If you elect to attend one of the Learning Center, you may do so. Doing this will require contacting the Enrollment Department at 405-749-4550.

Q: Will enrolling a child full-time or part-time still allow your child to receive the full Learning Fund amount or will that change with these options?

A: Enrolling into the Learning Centers will take the full amount of the student’s Learning Fund. 

Q: Once one of these options are chosen, is the student committed to it for the school year or can they switch back to at home learning (One-on-One Program) if the Learning Center is not the right fit for the student?

A: Students can switch back to the One-on-One Program, however it will take some time and when families choose a Learning Center they should do so planning on staying there the entire school year. Please remember that the Learning Center still requires your full learning fund. Aside from your curriculum, you will not have access to the learning fund if you switch back to the One-on-One Program.

Q: What steps will a parent need to take if the student needs to return to the Epic One-on-One Program?  

A: To do this, the parent or guardian will need to make the request with the principal at the Learning Center site. This could take up to 30 days to make the transition.

Q: Will you still be able to choose the curriculum for your child or will the teacher or school have more control over that?  

A: A curriculum standard incorporating online learning will be chosen for the Learning Center and deviations from that will only be allowed if the standard curriculum chosen is not working for the child.

Q: Will there be classes or just a spot to meet teachers? What do you do there? Will they be a la carte classes that you can pick and choose from? If so, when will the listing of classes be available to sign up for? If not, how will it work and look like?

A: The Learning Centers will be a blended learning site that allow students to attend five days a week from 7:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. — free of charge. While on site, students will engage in their standards-based and project-based curriculum, receive live face-to-face instruction from Epic’s Oklahoma certified teachers, work alongside their peers in age-appropriate learning groups, and much more. The Learning Centers will also provide a nutrition program.  

The day will not be organized into “classes.” Instead, all standards for all subjects will be worked on throughout the day with structured play, offline instruction, and computer-based learning intertwined throughout the day.  The program is not structured for students to come in and take “classes,” but instead to spend blocks of time or the entire day in the program.

Q: Do you have anything like this for middle school or high school students?

A: At this time, the focus of the Learning Centers will be on students in Early Elementary and Elementary grade levels only. As opportunities for more sites arise, Epic Charter Schools will be looking to expand in higher grade levels.

Q: Will more locations open soon?

A: Our hope is to offer more locations some day soon. For now, these three locations are all that will be offered.

Q: What if my student does not live in Oklahoma County or Tulsa County?

A: This particular charter only allows us to serve students residing in these two counties due to state law.

Q: What if I choose a part-time option? How will that work?

A: Students may attend the Learning Centers part-time if capacity allows for it, however students will be asked to commit to blocks of time on a consistent daily/weekly schedule.

Q: Do you have to be enrolled at Epic?

A: In order to attend, students must be enrolled at Epic Charter School. To use the Learning Centers, you must select the Blended Learning option on the enrollment form.

Q: Will this become a requirement of ALL Epic students?

A: No. Students enrolled in the Epic One-on-One Program will not be required to attend these sites. We are very pleased with One-on-One Program and do not want to change it. This option is simply another choice for families.

Q: What about children with special needs on an IEP? Will teachers and/or nurses be taking care of them or would they even qualify for extended care?

A: They are able to access the same program that is available to other students as capacity allows.






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2 Responses

  1. Sean Ridenour


    One difference is the staff to student ratio will be much lower. But, more importantly, the same differentiated and customized instruction that is key to the Epic One-on-One Program will be implemented with each student. For instance, while one 2nd grade student may be focusing on grade-level addition, another student in the same class may be allowed to progress into multiplication or even remediate in other areas as needed. That’s something you rarely see in the traditional public classroom these days.

    All of this comes with the added benefit of FREE before and after care to allow working parents the freedom to work outside of the home while their students get daily, face-to-face instruction along with the added benefit of developing friendships with other students within the program.

  2. Melissa Little

    How is this different from traditional school?