It’s true! I love school supplies! Everything so crisp and fresh. Everything new and ready for endless possibilities.

It is a new school year and we are all excited to get going! How can we help our children to cope when the reality of diligent work and time management comes along and then they are not so excited? Let’s help our children to understand that school is not just about getting assignments done. It is also about learning life skills that make them successful and fulfilled – seeing the endless possibilities in every school task.

First, as their leader in learning at home everyday, we need to make sure we are helping them with good time management. We want to be interactive with them in helping to make sure they are accomplishing the goals their teacher has set for them for the week. Early in the day, early in the week, early in the month, early in the year.  Make sure they get ahead or at least stay on pace. Life skill alert: Meeting deadlines is true on every job, whether it is pulling the fries from the fryer or pushing the little red button at NASA. 

Second, communication is key. Talk every week with your teacher, even every day! Your teacher is your partner and they are here to help you! Life Skill alert: Communication at work is imperative to our personal happiness, perhaps safety of ourselves and others and helps our tasks be completed efficiently. 

Third, make all appointments! Most students will meet with their teacher for a learning session at least once every three weeks, some meet more often. During those meetings, your teacher will be working with your child to teach a standard and assess that their individualized learning path is working for them. Life Skill alert: Making our appointments and showing up for our job on time and every day will make your child a valued employee. 

As the leader of learning in our homes for our children, setting a good example in doing these things and helping our children learn solid life skills, we are doing a great service by helping these precious little people become the future leaders in our community. Help them to see the endless possibilities in their schoolwork everyday!

-Yolanda Merriman

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