Health Resources

Epic Charter Schools provides families with various health resources regarding child health and information on common illnesses during the school years.  Below is a set of resources, links to county health departments, and our Healthy Habits video series.

Healthy Habits Cooking Show

Oklahoma is ranked 17th in the nation for obesity. Within the last 2 years, this has continued to rise with the ‘stay at home’ order due to the pandemic. We intend to make efforts to get families eating healthy. We plan to overcome the health issues related to obesity in the state and within Epic. When students’ physical needs are met, they are prepared for successful academics.

Take a look at how one of our Epic students is practicing a healthy habit by preparing a quick and nutritious meal. Be looking for more episodes as we partner with ENN (Epic News Network) to provide families with food recipes that are affordable and easy to make. Families will have access to all of the Healthy Habits Cooking Videos on YouTube, social media, and our Family Engagement Department newsletters. 

Common Childhood Illnesses

We’ve gathered some information regarding some of the most common childhood illnesses that could affect your family. Included in this list are links to other helpful health resources.

General Well Being

Children who exercise regularly are known to perform better in school and other activities. Below are some good resources about exercise and some fun songs for younger children to enjoy.

Bullying Prevention

Having to deal with a bully can be difficult no matter the age of the child. The resources below provide valuable information to parents and students on bully prevention and how to curb bullying behavior in a child.

Teen Health


Asbestos Notice

The Asbestos Hazard Emergency Response Act of 1986 requires the inspection of all the buildings in a school district for asbestos. Epic Charter School has complied with this act. Management plans documenting these inspections are on file for public review. To review the Management Plan on file please contact or call (405) 749-4550 during normal business hours. Copies of the Management Plans are also available at the Administrative Offices at 1900 NW Expy R3, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73118.