We are very excited to notify you of a new update to the Parent Portal. You can now view your child’s updated grades any time, and grades are updated by teachers on a weekly basis. We have a short 10 minute video that explains the meaning of each item to assist you. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to your teacher.


Please Note: We made some updates last week that prevented teachers from updating their grade books late last week. However, your child’s grades will be up-to-date no later than this Saturday, November 18.

Logging into Parent Portal

Entering the Parent Portal (EpiCenter) can be done using the login “widget” on the homepage of the Epic website (https://epiccharterschools.org). When your enrollment into our school was accepted, you may remember receiving a message similar to the one in the image below. This message contains your Username and Password to your Parent Portal.


Parent Portal Image

What if I overlooked this message and can’t get in?

That’s not a problem. Retrieving the username and password for an account can be done using these instructions. This works for resetting passwords should you accidentally get “locked out” after three unsuccessful login attempts.

If you know your Username, you can skip the first 3 steps.

1. Click “Forgot Username.”
2. Enter the email address used during enrollment.
3. The username will be sent to that email address within a minute.
4. Then, go to the login and click “Forgot Password.”
5. It will ask for the Username. Enter that.
6. The password is sent to the email address we have on file.
7. Go back to the login and enter the Username and NEW Password.
8. Once entered, it will ask you to “Reset” the password again.
9. The login will come up blank…now enter the Username and the Password entered during the “Reset.”
10. If you still have trouble, you can always get assistance through our Technical Support page.