Graduation Ceremonies at Epic are Totally EPIC

Each year, our graduation ceremony grows tremendously and planning an event of this magnitude takes great effort and planning. The success of last year’s ceremony was dependent upon the volunteer efforts of faculty and staff members…and more than 450 participating students and their 7,000 friends and family members who attended. If you’ve ever wondered what an Epic graduation looks like, look no further than our video of the 2017 ceremony.

WHO: Seniors who are qualified to graduate will receive notification by both mail and email. These Seniors need to register through EPIC and order their Cap and Gown from Herff-Jones.

WHEN: Saturday, June 2, 2018 at 3:00 pm (Doors open at 1:00 pm. All graduates must arrive no later than 2:00 pm in order to get organized and lined up for the processional.)

WHAT: Epic Charter Schools Commencement

WHERE: COX CONVENTION CENTER 1 Myriad Gardens, Oklahoma City, OK 73102 

HOW: Once a student has been notified that they qualify for commencement they need to click on the Commencement Registration link. Upon completing the Commencement Registration students will be directed to the Cap & Gown Ordering information.

The school is expecting a record-setting audience of nearly 10,000 guests for the hundreds of students and faculty in attendance. All candidates for graduation will be contacted regarding their status in the second semester of the school year.

Only select this option if you have been formally notified by mail or email by EPIC that you qualify for commencement

Please register to attend the commencement ceremony before ordering your cap and gown. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do students register?
A: Registration emails will be sent once students qualify for participation. The email will direct students to the Epic website where they will register online.

Q: How many guests can a student bring?
A: Historically, we have not limited students to the number of guests they can invite. We believe an event of this magnitude should be celebrated in a big way.

Q: Why can’t we have a ceremony in Tulsa?
A: We certainly have many students in that part of the state, but Oklahoma City is central to the entire state and accommodates the most number of families. If traveling to Oklahoma City presents a problem for any student, please reach out to your teacher early in the registration process so we can see what arrangements might be made to ease the burden. It’s a big day. We want you there.

Q: When will seniors be notified of their status?
A: We begin qualifying and notifying students via email during the second semester of the school year. This is typically done in March, and as they qualify.

Q: Are graduating seniors required to participate?
A: No, but we strongly encourage participation. No one regrets attending and marking this moment in their lives.

Q: Is this a ticketed event?
A: No. We do not print or distribute tickets for the event.

Q: How much are caps and gowns?
A: If you have your Cap & Gown shipped to your home the total cost including shipping and handling is $49.90. If you choose to pick it up at the ceremony the day of the event the total cost is $36.95.

Q: Can the Learning Fund be used to pay for caps and gowns?
A: No. Since these items are traditionally saved as keepsakes and sizes vary, the Learning Fund may NOT be used.

Q: Can students decorate their caps?
A: You betcha! Keep it tasteful, though. Aunt Betty will be there and you know how Grandpa Marvin doesn’t like it when you use those words…

Q: Will students receive their diploma at the ceremony?
A: No. Diplomas are mailed during the summer. Instead, at the ceremony, students receive a diploma cover.

Q: What about Senior Portraits?
A: Epic does not organize a formal senior portrait session at this time.

Q: Can students order official announcements?
A: You’re welcome to use any vendor you like, but there are no formal arrangements made with any particular company at this time. There are a great number of sites online you may choose.

Q: Are there Senior T-Shirts?
A: Not right now, but something tells me that may change.

Q: Who’s the guest speaker this year?
A: Our speaker will be a surprise and a nationally recognized motivational speaker. Past speakers include Governor Frank Keating, U.S. Representative J.C. Watts, and Governor George Nigh.

Q: Will accommodations be made for the deaf and hard of hearing?
A: Yes. Absolutely, but we do ask that students notify us of the number of guests in their party that may need this service. That helps us plan better.

Q: What about wheelchair access or seating for family and friends who need assistance?
A: When you register we ask if you need such accommodations and we will certainly provide them.

Q: Did we miss anything?
A: Probably. But, we plan to keep you updated throughout the year. Save this page in your bookmarks!

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I am the Creative Director at Epic Charter School. I do things like make sure the website is packed with new, fun, and relevant content to keep you informed. When I'm not working on our site, I'm telling stories and promoting the school through videos and more.

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  2. Brenlee

    If i live in Oklahoma but will be moving states pretty often would I still be able to do this program?

    • Sean Ridenour


      You must be a legal resident of the state of Oklahoma in order to enroll in our program. We do have students who travel, but their residency remains in OK.


  3. Deanna McElhaney

    i sure hope you have prom again. this would be my daughters 3rd prom through Epic and its her bday weekeng
    so we make a girls weekend out. anyway to find out before end of year. tulsa area hss proms as early as the 1st of March. my fashionista(she thinks) has already for a dressd
    Dee Mcelhaney

    • Sean Ridenour


      Our prom will likely toward the end of April this year. We will announce it later this fall, but as it stands, the only prom we will be hosting will be in the Oklahoma City area. The event is coordinated by an Epic parent and supported by the school through promotion. We will make sure all high school students are notified once ticket sales begin.


  4. Tommie Wright

    Has a student from Epic charter school ever graduated a year early?