The Family Engagement Department will provide events around the state to empower families with detailed How to’s, Why’s, Resources, and general navigation of the Epic model of education for all grade levels and all specific needs. When the parent is empowered and confident in their involvement with the educational process, students succeed academically. These expo events will be provided in both English and Spanish with language-specific handouts to ensure inclusion. We will continue to have quarterly ‘continued education’ and ‘best practices’ offered for families throughout the year during the various ‘seasons of Epic’. The Family Engagement Department will have core subject extension events (aka field trips with community partners) monthly around the state.  Our goal is to bring families together to further build a sense of community within Epic. When families feel they are a part of something, engagement is a natural byproduct and students succeed. These events will have a Spanish translator/interpreter on-site to ensure inclusion.

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Kristi Rich, Family Engagement Co-Director | Leisha Albaugh, Family Engagement Co-Director
Brianna Davison, Family Engagement Specialist | Amy Dipaula, Family Engagement Specialist

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