There are times when we are all asked to do more, to up our game. At EPIC Charter Schools, we have dedicated the 2021-22 school year to improving performance at every level – academically, administratively, and beyond. That’s where our comprehensive school improvement campaign EPIC Up! comes in.

This year, we are asking every student, family, educator, and administrator to EPIC UP to Level Up by focusing on areas of improvement everyone can make to bring their best this school year. To do that, we’re asking everyone to make a Level Up pledge. That could be a parent pledging to create a quiet, dedicated workspace for their learner. It could be a teacher pledging to mentor a new teacher this year. It could be a student pledging to read at least one book a month. It’s all about setting goals and taking steps to achieve them so you can Level Up! Every student who levels up gets entered into a drawing to win cool EPIC swag and the satisfaction of knowing they’ve succeeded.

The impetus behind EPIC Up! is first and foremost fun. But there is also solid research behind gamification and its ability to improve student learning and skill. So while this initiative is gaming-themed, it’s based on intentional and incentives-based psychology. By everyone who is involved with EPIC at every level setting attainable goals to drive success, we are creating an overall environment of improvement.

Being goal-oriented is a key tenet of a successful life. By calling on everyone to EPIC Up!, we can create a spirit of continued growth and educational prosperity. Take the pledge and join us in our effort to make sure everyone at EPIC Levels Up this year!

Build Up

You can’t build something without a foundation, or it will just topple over. This goal is to help set the essentials of learning and building healthy habits for a more well-rounded learning experience. By focusing on the EPIC Essentials, your teacher will be able to identify strengths or challenges quickly. With this information, we can better individualize your learning to best suit you and help you Level Up.

Boot Up

Everything is online nowadays (even learning!). Because of this, we are going to be encouraging lots of free resources — online and not. We want your student to be prepared for the future and apply what they learn to the real world. Some of these resources include Homework Help and EPIC Ed!

Step Up

Steady wins the race, and that’s why we’re focusing on your pace! Throughout the school year, you and your teacher will meet to create a realistic schedule. Your teacher will check in with you and see how that pace is going. Work to EPIC Up every day and complete your work.

Power Up

A mushroom can sprout up overnight, and just like that, so does your kiddo. Power Up by prepping for your ultimate move: graduation, a job, adulthood, or just taking that next big test. No matter how big or small, the next step is something to consider, no matter if a baby step or a leap. Explore each week the possibilities and what it will take to achieve their dreams and goals.


Fire Up

At EPIC, one of our mantras is “School can be different,” and we genuinely believe that. We believe school should include imagination, creative problem solving, and solutions no one has thought of before. We will be asking you and your student how you make school different and why it works for you. We will also challenge you to create and explore your interests.

Level Up

The only way to level up in a video game is to collect points, right? This year we want to track these goals, but we need your help! With the help of parents and teachers, we will be relying on you to tell us when your student is reaching the goals they set out. We will have incentives all year long and some fun prizes. We can’t wait to see how you and your student will EPIC Up to Level Up.


EPIC Up Pledge

Must be an EPIC email.

Level Up Club Nomination