Faced with 3 to 5 medical appointments each week and a variety of therapy sessions, the Zeno family never misses a beat when it comes to their education. For them, school MUST be different.

Two of the three siblings enrolled at Epic have critical needs that preclude them from attending a typical school.

Each student gets one-on-one instruction while receiving the attention they need from their mother, therapists, and a unique service dog…all from the safety of their home.

Watch their story today.

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Epic is dedicated to providing students and families with a learning environment that can meet an individual student’s unique needs. The core values of honesty, respect, tolerance, fairness, self-discipline, integrity, responsibility, citizenship, work ethic, and trust are the foundation upon which the School is built. Epic Charter Schools is a FREE PreK-12 public school provided in sponsorship by the Statewide Virtual Charter School Board for parents/students seeking a non-traditional educational setting utilizing internet-based, individualized self-paced instruction provided in nearly any location.