Susan Anderson has taught at Epic Charter Schools since 2013. During this time, she has risen to become one of Epic’s best and brightest. She has a gift for nurturing a love of learning among her students and building lasting relationships that keeps families returning to Epic year after year.

We’re proud to have Susan among the hundreds of great teachers employed by Epic Charter Schools.

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Epic is dedicated to providing students and families with a learning environment that can meet an individual student’s unique needs. The core values of honesty, respect, tolerance, fairness, self-discipline, integrity, responsibility, citizenship, work ethic, and trust are the foundation upon which the School is built. Epic Charter School is a FREE PreK-12 public school provided in sponsorship by the Statewide Virtual Charter School Board for parents/students seeking a non-traditional educational setting utilizing internet-based, individualized self-paced instruction provided in nearly any location.


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