Baylee was a normal teenage girl. She had plenty of friends. She had a family that loved her. She was doing well in school. It’s fair to say she had it all that morning she entered the operating room for a medical procedure.

What followed is unimaginable.

Imagine waking up with NO MEMORY of your FRIENDSPARENTSYOURSELF. That’s exactly what happened to Baylee following a life-altering neurological event just as she was beginning high school. Watch her amazing story of recovery now.


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4 Responses

  1. Jamie Sloan

    This is fantastic! SO excited for Baylee! And I have to say I’m not surprised. Our school, our teachers, our administration…they are all incredible! So thankful for school choice!

    • Sean Ridenour

      Thank you for this comment, Jamie! We love what we do here. Glad you’re on board!

  2. Kim Boley

    8 yr in car wreck now has TBI she needs school but not ready to be around a bunch of kids. Gets headaches and is rehab.