EPIC Parent Lacey Gracia attended the 20th Anniversary Celebration for Oklahoma Public Charter Schools at the Myriad Gardens last week with her two children, Crosslyn and Gatlin.

Crosslyn has Cystic Fibrosis, a serious and rare hereditary disease that affects the lungs and digestive system. Her condition not only made it difficult to attend traditional public school, but also requires hours of treatment both in the morning and evening. Lacey decided to start homeschooling Crosslyn in 2015 because her treatments and doctor’s appointments along with attending school kept Crosslyn from living the life that she deserved. Lacey talked about how homeschooling was difficult because she didn’t have the resources and background of a certified teacher. The Gracia family desired the accountability and socialization that public school offers.

Then, Lacey and her husband heard about EPIC through their involvement with Oklahoma Rodeo Association where other students were thriving. Lacey enrolled her daughter in the fall of 2017. Crosslyn’s teacher, Mrs. Stacie Rowland, provides the aspect of accountability and outside encouragement that Lacey was looking for. Mrs. Rowland was able to find out where Crosslyn needed to focus academically and meets with her in person or on the Zoom platform to answer any questions she has. Crosslyn is thriving with EPIC and is now involved in 4-H, showing cattle and horses in her newfound spare time.

On that bright, fall day at Myriad Gardens, it was evident that the Gracia family was enjoying their time together and connecting with other EPIC families. Lacey and Crosslyn shared their inspiring journey while Gatlin held hands with his mom in the sunshine.

Lacey was able to go back to being a mother again, fully focusing on Crosslyn’s health and spending quality time with her family. Her son, Gatlin, started Pre-K with EPIC this year. Lacey said that EPIC “gives Crosslyn the best shot possible” and provided a life-changing style of education that was transformative for her family.