EPIC Charter Schools announces learning partnership with Sylvan Learning Centers in Owasso, Oklahoma City, Edmond and Stillwater.

EPIC Charter Schools is joining forces with national supplemental educational services provider Sylvan Learning at locations in Owasso, Oklahoma City, Edmond and Stillwater to provide even more collaborative learning opportunities to its Oklahoma students and families.

The partnership will allow EPIC students and educators free access to Sylvan Learning products, including personal tutoring, academic coaching, and advancement and testing preparation. Also, students and teachers will be able to schedule meetings, either via a one-on-one EPIC Table Meeting or in small groups in an EPIC Meeting Room within Sylvan’s learning centers. These meetings can be scheduled by accessing the Sylvan online scheduling tool and are available from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. CST at one of four Sylvan Learning locations in Oklahoma City, Edmond, Owasso and Stillwater.

“EPIC is proud to partner with such an established educational resource provider as Sylvan Learning,” said Shelly Hickman, EPIC Assistant Superintendent. Emphasizing Sylvan’s proven track record of student success, she added, “both EPIC and Sylvan Learning recognize that not all students benefit from a one-size-fits-all learning approach. We will continue to seek collaborative efforts like to ensure we are providing wrap-around educational services to our growing student population of non-traditional learners.”

“We are excited to partner with EPIC as we strive to help the students of Oklahoma achieve their academic goals and see continued success.” said Rebekah Ploch, Executive Director of Oklahoma Education Systems dba Sylvan Learning Center

AN EPIC University course has been created and auto-assigned to all EPIC Charter Schools staff to ensure everyone within the organization knows about and has access to the Sylvan resources being provided.

“Getting the word out to EPIC faculty, students and families is a priority because we want our students to have every opportunity to succeed,” said Yolanda Merriman, director of EPIC University, the charter school district’s professional development and training portal.

EPIC is the state’s fifth largest school system, with nearly 24,000 students, teachers and principals located throughout the state near the students they serve.