OKLAHOMA CITY, April 23, 2019 — EPIC Charter Schools is in full compliance with laws regarding programs funded and facilitated by the federal government, according to an audit just released by the Oklahoma State Department of Education (SDE).

The audit was one of 10 public school systems the state selected to audit this year to review compliance with programs funded and facilitated by the federal government, including Title I and special education services.

In its April 22 letter to EPIC, the SDE wrote: “The cooperation of your staff during the Federal Programs Consolidated Monitoring process has been greatly appreciated. We are pleased to inform you that EPIC ONE ON ONE CHARTER PUBLIC SCHOOL DISTRICT has been determined to be Compliant with federal requirements for the 2018-2019 school year, therefore, no further action is required.”

EPIC Superintendent David Chaney said of the SDE’s findings: “This audit affirms our commitment to our kids and verifies what we have been saying all along. We have always followed state and federal law, and we will continue to do so.”

The audit’s release comes after a February story published in The Tulsa World claimed EPIC was under federal investigation. However, EPIC has not been contacted by investigators and no federal agency has confirmed a probe of EPIC is ongoing.

“We are focused on serving our 24,000 students and their families, and the SDE’s findings prove our EPIC team does things the right way to support those students and families,” Chaney said.


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  1. Tony Scantlin

    You thieving counterfeit “educators” are enemies of Oklahoma Education, spouting off fake reports and statistics while leaching off Public Education funding with the help ofbought and paid for politicians like Speaker of the House Jon Echols and his cronies. EPIC is nothing more than a lame excuse for parents too lazy or disinterested to get their children up and ready for school every day. Accountability is non-existent as is accreditation. Get your dirty hands out of Real Oklahoma Education Funding and tell the real truth or shut up.
    Sign me,
    A Real Oklahoma Educator;
    H. Anthony Scantlin
    Tahlequah Public Schools