EPIC Charter School Board Member Application

EPIC Charter Schools is seeking to fill a vacant seat on its school board. Please read through the following information before applying.

  • Board members are volunteers and are not paid.
  • Board members must be able to travel to EPIC’s headquarters for monthly Board meetings and any special Board meetings as needed.
  • The deadline to submit an application to be on the Board is March 1, 2021.
  • The Superintendent will review the applications and bring a pool of candidates to the Board for consideration and a vote. The Superintendent will consider many factors in making a recommendation, such as a candidate’s experience and professional background, whether they are an EPIC parent or former student, etc.
  • Board members will vote on new Board members in monthly meetings as vacancies arise.

Applications must be emailed to: Superintendent Bart Banfield at bart.banfield@epiccharterschools.org

Click Here to Download PDF Application