Enrollment is open for the current school year (2019-20) AND for the upcoming school year (2020-21):

  • This will be the ONLY enrollment form you need to complete.
  • You will have the option to enroll in the One-on-One program, which allows you access to a teacher who will meet with your student “face-to-face” or virtually.
  • The other option is to select “Blended Learning Center,” which is a physical learning site that students can attend each week and receive on-site, classroom instruction from certified teachers, as well as other services such as child nutrition and before- and after- school academic enrichment programs.
  • Make certain to use a valid email address when prompted in the application.
  • To review your rights under the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) see the Parent & Student Handbook.
  • PLEASE NOTE: The Enrollment portal works best with Internet Explorer, Safari and Chrome Browsers.
  • If you encounter a Technical Issue during your enrollment or re-enrollment, let us know on our Technical Support page.


• Be sure to select the correct year within the application.
• If re-enrolling, you will be placed with your current teacher.
• If you do not see the teacher you’d like to request, please complete and submit the application. Then, send an email to enrollment@epiccharterschools.org with the student’s FULL NAME and requested teacher.

ENROLL NOW.  Select this option if you are new to Epic.    OR     RE-ENROLL NOW.  Returning families/students will select this option.