English Language Learners (ELL)

The Department of English Learners

The Department of English Language Learners is committed to helping students, parents, and teachers achieve success. Our department creates and implements robust instructional programs for English Language Learners, comprehensive professional development for Epic educators, and interpreting and translation services to enable parents to be advocates for their children.

English Language Development

English Learners (EL) are students with varying levels of English proficiency and prior knowledge of their home language.

How does my child qualify for English Language Development services?

Every student who enrolls with Epic Charter Schools completes a Home Language Survey as part of the enrollment process. If the student’s Home Language Survey indicates that a language other than English is spoken in the home and the student has not been previously identified as an English Learner, the student will be given a screener to assess English Language Proficiency. These are the Oklahoma State Department of Education guidelines regarding when the screener will be given:

  • Within the first thirty (30) days of school if the student is enrolled at the beginning of the school year
  • Or within fifteen (15) days of school if enrolled after the first thirty (30) days of school

What English Language Development (ELD) services are available?

  • Consultation / Collaboration between your child’s general education teacher and the ELD teacher: ELD teacher consults with the general education teacher on a regular basis to assist the teacher in planning instruction for the EL student. The ELD teacher models strategies, demonstrates lessons, provides resources, helps identify essential standards and vocabulary, and collaborates on appropriate instructional and assessment accommodations and modifications. The goal is to provide appropriate EL supports in mainstream classes to the level appropriate for student success.
  • Live, virtual ELD classes: Students attend live, virtual classes 4 days per week where ELD teachers provide intensive language and literacy instruction. Supplemental instruction can target both language fluency and core content. Pull-out services for language and literacy skill development are supported with specialized ELD curricular materials and is not intended to replace core content instruction. ELD classes are leveled by English language proficiency levels. Additional classes for Newcomers are available, in which students will be supported in adjusting to American culture. The goal is to increase student success in mainstream, non-ESL supported general education classes which ELs should fully transition to in a reasonable amount of time.
  • Content Classes with Integrated ESL Support: Students are provided core content instruction with no native language support in mainstream classes utilizing integrated ESL strategies (i.e. teachers trained in EL methods). The goal is to provide appropriate EL supports in mainstream classes to the level appropriate for student success.

English Learner Laws and Regulations

For more information regarding federal laws and guidelines, visit Colorín Colorado’s page on the Every Student Succeeds Act as well as these resources for Oklahoma.

Ensuring English Learner Students Can Participate Meaningfully and Equally in Educational Programs, fact sheet:

Information for Limited English Proficient (LEP) Parents and Guardians and for Schools and School Districts that Communicate with Them, document:

How to Help your Child Succeed in School

Language Assistance Services

All parents have the right to receive information about their child’s education in a language they understand, and Epic recognizes that partnering with parents/guardians is vital for students’ educational success. We work toward empowering non-English speaking parents/guardians of children enrolled with Epic to become active participants in their child’s education.

Per federal law, families must receive certain information in their indicated language. LEP Parent/Guardian Fact Sheet.

Epic Charter schools provide interpreting (oral) and translation (written) language services to parents and guardians with limited English proficiency, at no cost to them.

When a child enrolls in Epic Charter Schools, parents are asked about their need for language assistance services.

Translation and interpreting may be provided by Epic staff, volunteers, or contracted providers. The use of family members and friends to provide translation or interpreting is discouraged.

A minor child may never translate or interpret.

To file a complaint, please submit this Language Services Complaint Form. This form is available in other languages upon request.

Epic staff who need interpreting and/or translation assistance should submit the internal forms which can be found in the ELL Teacher Toolkit.