Chromebook Login Instructions

Please Read the Following Information

Your new device is personalized just for you, so to complete the configuration process you’ll need to complete just a few more steps.

  1. Open your device and power it on. A charger for your device was placed in the mailing box if needed to initially power your system on. Make sure you have your computer login credentials available for use.
  2. Enter your Username. Upon booting up, the device should ask for your username and password. Your username will be the first letter of your first name, first letter of your last name, and your Epic ID (included in the box your device arrived in).
  3. Enter your Password. Your password is temporary and will require you to change it when you login. Remember the new password so you can continue to login in the future. Epic1234
  4. Enter the School ID. Once you’ve logged in to your device, you will be prompted for the School ID Code: 25150434
  5. Once entered, you will be all set up. Enjoy Learning!

Chromebook Q & A

Can’t find everything you need to login?
Your Username that includes your Epic ID is included in the box that your device arrived in. If you can’t locate your information, please contact your instructor. They will be able to provide you with the necessary login credentials.
How do I exit this self-help page?
 To exit the Epic Self Help app, simply press the Power button on your device. 
How do students login to the new Chromebooks?
A sheet was inside the Chromebook (link to attachment labeled stop sheet) instructing them to stop and read an instruction sheet in a pocket (link to attachment labeled generic flyer) on the outside of the box (link to attachment labeled box). In addition, the same instructions (without specific usernames) are available in the Epic Self Help App at the login screen (link to attachments chrome remote desktop and self help). Once logged in to the device, the instructions provide the School ID needed to access the internet.
How do students access their Epic email?
 By design, students do not have email enabled on their Google Account used to login on the Chromebooks. It appears to be an email address, but it is only an account. 
How do I get remote support on a Chromebook?
Once logged in with a student account on the Chromebook, you will need to use the Chrome Remote Desktop App and provide the 12 digit code (see attachment).
Why are students blocked from accessing Gmail?
The Gmail feature is disabled each student Epic Google Account, but is not blocked for other Gmail accounts. The best method to access their email currently is to 1) go to 2) sign in to the other account 3) switch to the other account and 4) select the “Mail” link. Alternatively, they can sign out of their Epic user inside the Chrome Browser (not Chromebook) and sign in with their personal account.
Why are students not able to login to the Chromebook with their personal Google Account?
In order to provide all of the necessary applications, links, configurations, and internet filtering, the Chromebooks must be logged in with a student account at Even teacher accounts do not provide the correct setup of the Chromebook for students.