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Dyllon Wheeler

Epic Stories: The Human GPS

EPIC 8th grader Dyllon Wheeler is known as a HUMAN GPS. He's also the 2018 National Geographic Bee State Champ and headed to Washington, D.C. for the...

Epic Stories: Under Pressure

State testing is a challenge for any school. When you have 14,000 students in ALL 77 OK counties, it's a Herculean task. See how EPIC does it. https...
Holley Hollan

Epic Stories: Driven

Fast. Fearless. Driven. This EPIC sophomore's story breaks the mold AND speed limit!
Fuzzy Friends

Epic Stories: Fuzzy Friends

April 2nd is World Autism Awareness Day. All month, we join communities around the world to recognize people living with autism... People like Isaac....
Epic Stories This Is Me

Epic Stories: This Is Me

Nearly 1 in 2 of our students choose EPIC due to school safety and bullying. A few courageous families share just why they needed a place where #Scho...
Capitol Day

Epic Stories: Capitol Day

While some simply talk about the challenges facing public education in our great state... EPIC students, parents, teachers, and staff are showing t...

Epic Stories: Her Greatest Strength

Faced with a rare bone condition, Lexxus and her family fight to regain her strength. Her father says that without EPIC, "it would have been impossib...
Emily Faith

Epic Stories: Emily Faith

At an early age, Emily Faith knew she wanted to be a performer. After convincing her parents, she entered a talent show... And, another EPIC star was...
Isabelle Takes Flight

Epic Stories: Taking Flight

Epic student, Isabelle, shares her journey from a devastating leukemia diagnosis to relearning to read after her life-saving treatment impairs her mem...
The Culinary Artist

Epic Stories: The Culinary Artist

Morgan, an EPIC senior, is making the most of her career tech classes. Because #SchoolCanBeDifferent at EPIC, she's able to hone her skills in the kit...