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Josiah Zupan - EPIC Stories Where Are They Now?

EPIC Stories: Josiah Zupan

Josiah graduated from EPIC in 2016. Since graduating, he's made the leap from EPIC to college. He's an artist and applying his love of the arts in se...
Lukas Zupan - 2016 EPIC Graduate

EPIC Stories: Lukas Zupan

Since graduating in 2016, Lukas has been on an entrepreneurial adventure. He's the young man behind 3D Tours Oklahoma. This enterprising graduate has ...
EPIC May 2019 Students of the Month


Our May Students of the Month are Dalton Wright and Crystal French. Each of these students show how #SchoolCanBeDifferent as they #DareGreatly in the...
EPIC April 2019 Students of the Month

EPIC April 2019 Students of the Month

Khalil Reece and Ethan Raymond are two EPIC boys who really #DareGreatly! We're proud to have these truly EPIC students. Watch as we surprise them wit...
Next Stop Nursing School Cap

EPIC High School Hub

To graduate from high school in Oklahoma, students must complete coursework in English, Math, History, Science, and Arts/Fine Arts. To see the exa...
Taelyn Brown is one of our March 2019 Students of the Month

EPIC March 2019 Students of the Month

Ava Keim & Taelyn Brown are two students who DARE GREATLY. Ava is a competitive figure skater in the fourth grade at EPIC and Taelyn has already ...