Information regarding scholarships available to students for post secondary education are available here.

money for college

Paying for College

For most students, the expense of attending a college, university, or trade school seems so overwhelming that many simply give up the dream of continuing their education. The truth, however, is quite the op...
Epic Scholarship Contest

Referral Scholarship Contest

Epic Charter Schools is excited to announce a new Referral Scholarship Contest to our families. Epic Charter Schools will be awarding FIVE $1,000 scholarships to be deposited into an Oklahoma 529 College Savin...
Paying for College

Scholarship Alert: Pete and Lela Stavros Scholarship

Eligibility Graduating Oklahoma seniors who are children and relatives of Oklahoma firefighters who are members of the Oklahoma State Firefighters Association (active or retired) are eligible. All application ...
Paying for College

Scholarship Alert: Seniors Planning to Attend OSU-OKC

Epic Charter Schools has been given a one-time "Go 2 OSU-OKC" tuition waiver scholarship in the amount of $1,000, to be awarded to an Epic Charter Schools 2015 graduate. The scholarship will cover $500 for tuit...
Big Future

Big Future: Planning For Life After High School

Picture it...1994. The World Wide Web is just a teeny tiny baby and, even if you can get online, it takes forever because you're on a dialup modem. Ugh. Once you're on, though, where do you go? Google isn't aro...