Oklahoma has a network of 29 Technology Centers on 58 campuses that serve high school and adult learners with specialized career training in more than 90 instructional areas. High school students living in a Technology Center’s district attend tuition free. A student can take courses and earn certification from one of the many available career tech programs provided throughout the state. While earning dual credit, a student would then be able to graduate and enter the workforce immediately. Click here to find out which career tech you may be eligible to attend.

Generally, students apply to attend career tech during the spring of 9th or 10th grade to attend the following year depending on the length of the program. Below you will find contact information for the point of contact at each career tech who supports EPIC students in the process of scheduling tours and enrolling.

EPIC will also help coordinate tours to many of the Oklahoma Career Techs. Check the EPIC calendar for upcoming events.

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