Greetings, EPIC family! I hope this blog finds you settling into the school year, gaining confidence in new technology and settling into routines that will result in student success.

I’ve written before about how this school year we challenge everyone to EPIC Up – to bring their A game, every day, so that our students achieve mastery in their grade level by the year’s end. One way EPIC school administration is going to do this is by upping its game when it comes to family engagement. Research clearly shows that the more families are connected with their schools, connected with its curriculum, technology, policies and procedures, the more likely their students will be successful.

That is one reason why we are creating EPIC’s first-ever Superintendent’s Parent-Guardian Advisory Council that will regularly meet (either in person or virtually) to provide feedback to me on what they believe is working and not working within the EPIC learning model. The feedback of this council will inform our team of how we can continually grow and improve as a school and it will be shared with our Boards of Education, too. We will make sure the members of this council are a diverse representation of our families, including how long they have been with EPIC and where they live in the state. I do hope readers of this blog will consider applying!

The application is HERE and we will accept applications through October 6. Members will be notified by October 25 and the council will meet for the first time on November 11.

Another way the team is going to EPIC Up this year with family engagement is by holding a series of Family Engagement Expos across the state. This semester’s series of Family Engagement Expos are designed to showcase the many ways you can engage, stay informed, and connect with EPIC so that you’re able to leverage the many resources available to you as parents. We’ve created a web page for parents to sign up for the various expos HERE. Our first expo will be held in Oklahoma City on Wednesday, September 29. If you cannot make it, know that we will video it and make it available very soon after the event. We also will be holding additional events across the state next semester in addition to the expos we currently have listed.

I promise you our family engagement efforts will grow throughout the year, and we look forward to the connection and feedback we are going to receive through our advisory council and expo events. We want to connect and hear from you. We know the sky is truly the limit to EPIC students’ success when their parents and the EPIC team are fully engaged and in partnership.

Until next time,