EPIC families, I hope this first Friday of the 2021-2022 school year finds you well! 

The first week of school is always among the most hectic and this year is no exception. Families are learning new policies and procedures, logging into their core for perhaps the first time and getting used to the new technology and software we are making available. Change can be scary and unsettling but we know through experience that practice and repetition results in ease and confidence. We will get there. Know that you’ve got this as parents and you will be fully supported by the EPIC team!

As I indicated in the video below we shared with families last week, we had to make changes during the summer to provide you with superior technology and to increase our services to students.

Our plan was to have everything completed that was needed to open school by September 7. I’m proud to say we met that goal. However, we will be continuing throughout the school year to transition to new technology and software that will strengthen our school. As my video and this pdf demonstrate, some things will be different this school year. But I assure you these changes will be for the better and bolster your students’ overall education at EPIC.

There are a few suggestions I wish to offer to ensure this is a successful year for your student and your family.

Teachers’ rosters have been significantly reduced to ensure they have more time to devote to each student. Please fully utilize your EPIC teacher. Stay in constant communication with him/her to make sure your child is utilizing all of the opportunities we afford our EPIC students.

Create a daily schedule and routines in the home so that your child stays on pace and also enjoys a healthy school-family life balance. It can be tempting, especially for families new to online learning, to get off pace. But sticking to a schedule and developing good habits at the onset, in the long run, is best for student learning and for family life.

Utilize everything that EPIC has to offer…Homework Help, EPIC Live, meet ups your teacher may arrange throughout the year, and more. We aim to serve the whole child and work every year to do much more for our students than provide core curriculum and instruction. Talk to your teacher about everything we have to meet your needs.

If you are struggling or not getting the answers or services you feel you need, please raise your hand immediately. If your teacher cannot address your concerns, direct them to your child’s assigned principal. The contact information for your principal is in the email signature of your assigned teacher. We are a team at EPIC and all of us are here to ensure you and your student are successful. 

I will be writing to you regularly throughout this school year and I want to assure you the EPIC team is committed to you, to student success and to making sure this school year is the best and brightest yet.

Bart Banfield, Superintendent