Every month, EPIC Superintendent Bart Banfield explores topics related to education, learning, leadership and more.

Time for Truth

Each year as the legislative session gets underway, organizations, interest groups and citizens at the state capitol make their cases to lawmakers for the changes they wish to see. Engaging with state government at this level is a cornerstone of democracy. Making one’s voice heard to affect change is a basic human right.

While most people interact with legislators in an honest and above-board way, there are some who don’t. Some spread misinformation – either through ignorance or dishonesty – to advance their own agendas. At EPIC Charter Schools, we believe the legislative process deserves more respect than that. As an organization that’s been the recipient of misinformation in recent years, we thought it was time to be proactive in setting the record straight. In short, it’s time for truth.

That is why we have launched epictruth.com, which addresses topics that are fueling discussion at the Capitol related to EPIC. The site was launched four weeks ago and is updated weekly with a new topic. And each week we also distribute a ‘truth’ flyer about that topic to every lawmaker. So far the website and truth flyers we’ve shared include:

  • EPIC demographics by legislative district, including how many students and faculty reside in each district. 
  • EPIC News Network to introduce our groundbreaking, award-winning high school student journalism program to lawmakers and their staffs, since ENN students are covering their committee meetings. We also emphasized ENN is an independent news organization and not used for EPIC public relations purposes.
  • EPIC’s high school graduation rates and its efforts to help students be college-and career-ready. These efforts are expansive – as they should be – given many high school students come to us credit deficient and frustrated by their prior learning experiences at their previous high schools.
  • EPIC’s Learning Fund. This is probably one of the most misunderstood parts of life with EPIC. Assertions such as EPIC families receiving cash payments, which is plainly not true,  have done little more than confuse policymakers and the public.

By shedding much-needed light on the facts about our school and the many facets of its operations, we hope to move the needle on a real conversation about how best to serve the children and families of our state.

Be sure to visit www.epictruth.com. Share the information you learn there with your family, friends and neighbors and encourage them to get to know EPIC Charter Schools better.

Dare greatly,