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EPIC Essentials: On Time and On Track

We’re all familiar with the phrase “summer slide,” that time between school years typically accompanied by a dip in retention because of inactive learning. For parents and educators, this is a particularly concerning challenge this year in light of the COVID-19 pandemic.

National research suggests that most students lose two months worth of reading skills during the summer break, and students who are considered at-risk can lose between two and three months in math. Most teachers report having to spend the first few weeks each new school year re-teaching and remediating standards from the previous academic year because of the summer slide. When you couple this startling data with extended academic downtime that is already occurring for many students right now – well before summer breaks – because of the pandemic, the picture grows even darker.

The good news for EPIC families is that we are uniquely positioned to weather this storm academically and even mitigate any summer slide effect because of valuable resources like EPIC Essentials. Its dynamic and adaptive programs – Mindplay for reading and DreamBox for math – meet our children where they are academically, even if they are below grade level. And the key is consistency. Our winter benchmark data showed that EPIC students who were on pace to use MindPlay for 40 hours and DreamBox for 40 hours throughout the school year were projected to grow a grade level and a half on average!

This is a remarkable statistic and it means this: At this pace, a child that is a year behind academically when they enroll at EPIC has the potential to close the gap and be on grade level in two years.  Devoting more time to EPIC Essentials could result in closing the gap even sooner. Students’ hard work, parents’ persistence and EPIC’s targeted, individualized instruction can move mountains – even in a pandemic.

I know in these challenging times it’s difficult to find opportunities for hope. But utilizing the time remaining in this school year and in the upcoming summer months to get ahead academically is more important now than ever. Whether your child is below grade level, on grade level or above grade level, use the time now and EPIC Essentials to gain academic advantage for the next school year.

It is unknown when social distancing restrictions will allow students to meet one-on-one with their teachers, but please know we are positioned to continue to personalize your child’s education and give quality instruction for the remainder of this school year and well into the summer months.  The academic ground that is gained now will help prepare your child for success during the 2020-21 school year. We understand some families have grave challenges at this time, so know that our teachers and administrative team are here to help you in any way we can. Reach out to us. We are in this together.

Dare Greatly,