Attendance Policy – Student Withdrawal for Truancy

Attendance Policy – Student Withdrawal for Truancy

The first date of attendance and membership at Epic shall be the first date the student completes an instructional activity.

For the purposes of this policy “instructional activities” shall include instructional meetings with a teacher, completed assignments that are used to record a grade for a student that is factored into the student’s grade for the semester during which the assignment is completed, testing, and school-sanctioned field trips, and orientation.

Epic shall offer a student orientation, notify the parent or legal guardian and each student who enrolls in that school of the requirement to participate in the student orientation, and require all students enrolled to complete the student orientation prior to completing any other instructional activity.

Any student that is behind pace and does not complete an instructional activity for a fifteen-school-day-period shall be withdrawn for truancy.

Epic shall submit a notification to the parent or legal guardian of a student who has been withdrawn for truancy or is approaching truancy.

A student who is reported for truancy two times in the same school year by Epic shall be withdrawn and prohibited from enrolling in Epic for the remainder of the school year.

If a student consistently fails to attend school and complete instructional activities after receiving a notification and reasonable intervention strategies have been implemented, the student shall be subject to certain consequences including withdrawal from the school for truancy.

If Epic withdraws a student for truancy, Epic shall immediately notify the student’s resident district in writing of the student’s disenrollment.

If a student is withdrawn for truancy and is eligible to re-enter the school during the same school year, the student will be placed on a plan of academic improvement agreed upon by the parent, teacher, and student, and the learning fund will be frozen for all non-academically essential services until the teacher and the teacher’s principal unfreeze the learning fund.

Students who have been withdrawn from the school for truancy will be contacted for asset retrieval within two weeks of the withdrawal date. Any students withdrawn for truancy should return assets immediately unless they re-enroll within 30 days of withdrawal.

Quarterly Attendance

For students attending Epic for less than the full quarter, the attendance shall be a proportional amount of the required attendance policy provisions based upon the date of enrollment of the student.

A student shall be considered in attendance for a quarter if the student:

  • completes instructional activities on no less than ninety percent (90%) of the days within the quarter,
  • is on pace for on-time completion of the course as defined by the board, or
  • completes no less than seventy-two instructional activities within the quarter of the academic year.

For a student who does not meet any of the criteria set forth above, the amount of attendance recorded shall be the greater of:

  • the number of school days during which the student completed the instructional activities during the quarter,
  • the number of school days proportional to the percentage of the course that has been completed, or
  • the number of school days proportional to the percentage of the required minimum number of completed instructional activities during the quarter.


Teachers create individualized learning plans for their students and will determine pace and incremental pace pursuant to each individualized plan and the course completion date. The School Board will determine the course completion date when they approve calendar dates.