We are thrilled to introduce the EPIC podcast, All Things EPIC. This audio series will cover…well…all things EPIC. From conversations with administrators and faculty to stories from parents and students, each episode will be dedicated to topics that matter to anyone within the EPIC community.

The podcast, hosted by EPIC Creative Director Sean Ridenour, is a colorful look into the hearts and minds of those bringing the school to life. Flavored with commentary, humor, music, and more, you’re sure to love this series…and you can listen anywhere!

Episode 1: What Makes an EPIC Teacher?

The first episode, What Makes an EPIC Teacher, shines a spotlight on the women and men making a difference in the lives of students every day. We hear from teachers, administrators, and even a family who had the same teacher for seven years. Yes. SEVEN. And, if you ever wondered how in the world EPIC teachers seem to do it all, you’ll certainly enjoy how one administrator phrases it…play the first episode below.

More to come…

A new episode will be posted the 1st Friday of each month, so be on the lookout for the next episode on September 7, 2018.