Algebra I EOI Review


Test Prep Videos

The following outline contains links to instructional videos that can be used as a brief review of Algebra I. This is not a substitute for in-depth instruction and practice of these mathematic formulas.

Click here for the Algebra I EOI Bootcamp Video recorded earlier this spring.

*All videos have been sourced through a variety of media outlets including YouTube. Epic Charter Schools does not own the content.

1.0 Number Sense and Algebraic Operations

2.0 Relations and Functions 

3.0 Data Analysis, Probability, & Statistics

How is this test scored?

Advanced: Students demonstrate a superior performance of the challenging subject matter knowledge and skills of the measured objectives included in the Algebra I Oklahoma C3 framework. Students performing at the Advanced performance level can thoroughly demonstrate understanding of number sense and algebraic operations; relations and functions; and data analysis, probability, and statistics. Students use a wide range of strategies to solve real-world, non-routine problems; regularly use various types of reasoning effectively; consistently connect one area or idea of mathematics to another; and communicate mathematical ideas clearly through a variety of representations.

Proficient: Students demonstrate a mastery of Algebra I concepts expected of all measured objectives included in the Algebra I Oklahoma C3 framework, and the ability to demonstrate mathematics knowledge, skills, and processes. Students at the Proficient level can translate word phrases and sentences into expressions and equations; use formulas and mathematics concepts to solve multi-step problems; simplify and factor polynomials; calculate slope; use and interpret slope and intercepts; distinguish between parallel, perpendicular, horizontal, or vertical lines; develop the equation of a line and graph linear relationships; match simple equations or inequalities to a graph, table, or situation; make valid predictions and/or arguments based on collected data; use a line-of-best-fit model to represent collected data; use mathematics to solve problems encountered in daily life; use a variety of mathematical representations to model real world situations.

Limited Knowledge: Students demonstrate partial mastery of the essential knowledge and skills expected of all measured objectives included in the Algebra I Oklahoma C3 framework. Students are inconsistent in applying the general knowledge and mathematical process skills necessary to solve problems effectively and reason mathematically. These students may need interventions as part of a comprehensive mathematics instructional program.

Unsatisfactory: Students who do not perform at least at the Limited Knowledge level and who will likely require remediation.