What is EPIC?

  • EPIC is a Free, Public, Online charter school for grades Pre-K-12th.
  • Curriculum is self-paced within appropriate guidelines.
  • EPIC offers two programs– One on One and EPIC Learning Centers
    • One on One (PK – 12th) –  Choice of curriculum. EPIC provides an OK Certified teacher who works with the parent to develop an Individualized Learning Plan. This program also includes access to a Learning Fund of $1,000 per student to be used in the purchasing of curriculum and other educational expenses.
    • EPIC Learning Centers (Pre-K – 6th): EPIC Charter Schools recently formed a partnership with Rose State College. This new collaboration will allow the school to have blended Learning Centers in both Tulsa and Oklahoma Counties. At this time, state law does not allow EPIC to operate facilities in any other counties. These blended Learning Centers will allow students to establish a schedule that works for their parents or guardians while customizing a learning plan that fits the individual student’s needs. Students will have access to online curriculum, supervised learning activities, and food services under one roof monitored by Epic staff.  Click here to ENROLL today. (When enrolling, select the “Blended Learning” option in the enrollment form.)

Enrollment Questions

Who is Eligible to Enroll?

  • Any student who is a resident of OK, ages 4-20 on or before September 1st.

When is the first day of school?

  • The first day of school is always the first Tuesday after Labor Day.

When Do I Enroll?

  • Enrollment for the 2020-21 school year began in February of 2020.

How Do I Enroll?

Where can I get my child’s immunization record?

Acceptable immunization documents include a record provided by a licensed physician or a public health authority, such your local county health department,  or the Oklahoma State Department of Health.

What should I do if my child has a medical or religious immunization exemption?

Send a copy of the exemption form by email to fax@epiccharterschools.org

The Oklahoma State Department of Health has provided this form you may complete and submit to the school should you wish to opt-out.


Where can I get a copy of my child’s birth certificate?

Certified copies of birth certificates may be obtained from the vital records division in the state where the child was born. The National Center for Health Statistics provides a list of Vital Record agencies.


If you are not able to get a copy of your child’s birth certificate, the following Birth/Age documents may be accepted.

  • Student Driver License
  • Student Military ID (Dependent)
  • Hospital Birth Record/Certificate
  • Baptismal Certificate
  • Passport
  • Insurance
  • Family bill showing student DOB

How do I pick Curriculum?

For the One-on-One Program only:

  • The Programs tab links to the curricula options available for review.
  • You are not required to choose core curriculum during enrollment.
  • Once your enrollment is approved, you will be assigned a teacher who will contact you to set up an initial meeting.
  • From there, you will work with the teacher to create an Individual Learning Plan (ILP).
  • The ILP is completed for your student during your initial visit with your teacher. Teachers will identify learning styles, set a schedule for face-to-face meetings, order a curriculum and/or devices needed, and set goals for both long-term and the school year.
  • Once the ILP is done, you will begin making curriculum selections in the Learning Fund form with the assistance of your teacher.

What is the Learning Fund?

The Learning Fund is a $1,000 for students enrolled in the EPIC One-on-One Program. These funds may only be used to purchase/lease materials related to the student’s education. For access to the Learning Fund, students must be enrolled by Oct. 1 of the school year.

Does the cost of the curriculum come out of the Learning Fund?


Does the cost of leasing an EPIC laptop come out of the Learning Fund?


Do unused funds roll over to the next year?


How much does curriculum cost?

Prices vary.

  • Once you are enrolled for the new school year, you will receive a confirmation email that links you to the ordering form.
  • All prices are listed on the ordering form you received via email.
  • The subject line of the email you have been sent is: Application and Transfer to EPIC has been approved for (your child’s name).
  • If you have been approved, you should have this email.

What can the Learning Fund be used to purchase?

After the price of core curriculum choice is deducted, leftover funds can be used for supplemental curriculum, laptop lease, and extracurricular activities.

When can I access the Learning Fund?

Access to Learning Funds (outside of purchasing core and supplemental curriculum for the coming school year) begins the first day of school and ends in March the following year. However, families may place orders through May for activities taking place over the summer.  Class invoices that span over the summer need to be submitted by May 31.  These invoices would cover June/July/August classes.

When I buy something with the Learning Fund, is it mine to keep?

  • No. All items purchased with the Learning Fund are the property of EPIC.
  • All items must be returned to EPIC once the student exits the EPIC One-on-One Program.
  • For obvious reasons, though, music lessons, dance lessons and such cannot be returned.

What is the process for accessing the Learning Fund?

  • Managing your Learning Fund will be done through EpiCenter (your parent portal).
  • Click here to see how the Parent Portal works.
  • Once an order is made, EPIC will purchase the product or service for the student/family using the funds allocated for the Learning Fund account.

What is the difference between a product and a service?

  • A product is a learning tool such as a book, iPad, chemistry set, software…
  • A service would be something like instructional courses/lessons such as music lessons, YMCA classes, and other extracurricular activities.

When wanting extracurricular activities paid for with the learning fund:

Mailing Address:
4101 NW 122nd St., Suite B
Oklahoma City, OK 73120
Attn: Learning Fund Dept.
Fax: 405-749-4540

What is the Learning Fund NOT ALLOWED to do?

  • Parents CANNOT be reimbursed for any educational expenses.
  • EPIC MUST PURCHASE the products or services for the student(s).
  • Parents CANNOT be paid directly to purchase educational items.

Who do I speak with about my Learning Fund?

Inquiries and ALL REQUESTS should be sent to the Learning Fund ( learningfund@epiccharterschools.org ). If the request is approved, a Learning Fund Manager will order the item and ship it directly to the family.

About the Learning Centers

EPIC Charter Schools recently formed a partnership with Rose State College. This new collaboration will allow the school to have blended Learning Centers in both Tulsa and Oklahoma Counties. At this time, state law does not allow EPIC to operate facilities in any other counties.

These blended Learning Centers will allow students to establish a schedule that works for their parents or guardians while customizing a learning plan that fits the individual student’s needs. Students will have access to online curriculum, supervised learning activities, and food services under one roof monitored by EPIC staff.

Unique aspects of the program are:

  • flexible schedules
  • free before- and after-school academic enrichment programs
  • low staff to student ratios
  • heavy use of technology to personalize learning to an individual child’s needs

Watch the Introduction Video


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Where are the Learning Centers located?

A: Oklahoma City: 11911 N  Pennsylvania Ave, 73120 & 6316 N. Tulsa Ave, 73112 

Tulsa: 3810 S. 103rd East Avenue, Suite 102 in the Woodward Building, 74146

Q: What will the staff to student ratio be at the Learning Centers?

A: 13:1

Q: What if we’ve already enrolled in the One-on-One Program before this became an option?

A: If you elect to attend one of the Learning Centers, you may do so. Doing this will require contacting the Enrollment Department at 405-749-4550.

Q: Will enrolling a child full-time or part-time still allow your child to receive the full Learning Fund amount or will that change with these options?

A: Enrolling into the Learning Centers will take the full amount of the student’s Learning Fund. 

Q: Once one of these options are chosen, is the student committed to it for the school year or can they switch back to at home learning (One-on-One Program) if the Learning Center is not the right fit for the student?

A: Students can switch back to the One-on-One Program, however, it will take some time and when families choose a Learning Center they should do so planning on staying there the entire school year. Please remember that the Learning Center still requires your full learning fund. Aside from your curriculum, you will not have access to the learning fund if you switch back to the One-on-One Program.

Q: What steps will a parent need to take if the student needs to return to the Epic One-on-One Program?  

A: To do this, the parent or guardian will need to make the request with the principal at the Learning Center site. This could take up to 30 days to make the transition.

Q: Will you still be able to choose the curriculum for your child or will the teacher or school have more control over that?  

A: A curriculum standard incorporating online learning will be chosen for the Learning Center and deviations from that will only be allowed if the standard curriculum chosen is not working for the child.

Q: Will there be classes or just a spot to meet teachers? What do you do there? Will they be a la carte classes that you can pick and choose from? If so, when will the listing of classes be available to sign up for? If not, how will it work and look like?

A: The Learning Centers will be a blended learning site that allows students to attend five days a week from 7:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. — free of charge. While on site, students will engage in their standards-based and project-based curriculum, receive live face-to-face instruction from EPIC’s Oklahoma certified teachers, work alongside their peers in age-appropriate learning groups, and much more. The Learning Centers will also provide a nutrition program.  

The day will not be organized into “classes.” Instead, all standards for all subjects will be worked on throughout the day with structured play, offline instruction, and computer-based learning intertwined throughout the day.  The program is not structured for students to come in and take “classes,” but instead to spend blocks of time or the entire day in the program.

Q: Do you have anything like this for middle school or high school students?

A: At this time, the focus of the Learning Centers will be on students in Early Elementary and Elementary grade levels only. As opportunities for more sites arise, EPIC Charter Schools will be looking to expand in higher grade levels.

Q: Will more locations open soon?

A: Our hope is to offer more locations someday soon. For now, these three locations are all that will be offered.

Q: What if my student does not live in Oklahoma County or Tulsa County?

A: This particular charter only allows us to serve students residing in these two counties due to state law.

Q: What if I choose a part-time option? How will that work?

A: Students may attend the Learning Centers part-time if capacity allows for it, however, students will be asked to commit to blocks of time on a consistent daily/weekly schedule.

Q: Do you have to be enrolled at EPIC?

A: In order to attend, students must be enrolled at Epic Charter School. To use the Learning Centers, you must select the Blended Learning option on the enrollment form.

Q: Will this become a requirement of ALL EPIC students?

A: No. Students enrolled in the EPIC One-on-One Program will not be required to attend these sites. We are very pleased with the One-on-One Program and do not want to change it. This option is simply another choice for families.

Q: What about children with special needs on an IEP? Will teachers and/or nurses be taking care of them or would they even qualify for extended care?

A: They are able to access the same program that is available to other students as capacity allows.