Graduation Ceremonies at EPIC are Totally EPIC

Each year, our graduation ceremony grows tremendously and planning an event of this magnitude takes great effort and planning. The success of this year’s ceremonies is dependent upon the volunteer efforts of faculty and staff members…and participating students and their friends and family members who attend.

Due to COVID-19, we will be holding more ceremonies than ever before in order to make safe accommodations for everyone and limiting the number of graduates participating in each event and the number of guests. This is being done in accordance with state, city and venue social distancing policies and with the utmost care of ensuring a safe, but fun environment for all participants.

Seniors should be receiving notifications from EPIC Charter Schools with updates regarding these events. Graduates will need to register through EPIC and order their Cap and Gown from Herff-Jones.

The official graduation registration was sent to Seniors beginning in March. You must register to attend the ceremony of your choice in advance. Due to COVID-19, there will be a limit of 500 graduates per ceremony. Each graduate will be allotted up to 12 guests. The event will be live-streamed to EPIC’s website and Facebook page and recordings will be available on EPIC’s website, Facebook page and YouTube.

Important: While seniors will be allowed to participate in these ceremonies, only seniors who complete their graduation requirements will be issued a diploma. It is important for every senior to understand they must complete their requirements to earn their high school diploma.

Dates & Locations

Oklahoma City*

Chesapeake Energy Arena
100 West Reno Avenue
Oklahoma City, OK  73102

Dates & Times:

  • Friday, July 9 at 12:00 p.m.
  • Friday, July 9 at 5:00 p.m.
  • Saturday, July 10 at 12:00 p.m.
  • Saturday, July 10 at 5:00 p.m.




201 North Elgin Avenue
Tulsa, OK  74120

Dates & Times:

  • Thursday, May 27 at 5:00 p.m. – Cancelled due to severe weather
  • Friday, May 28 at 12:00 p.m.
  • Friday, May 28 at 5:00 p.m.

Students may only participate in one commencement ceremony each.

Graduates should arrive at least 60 minutes before the ceremony, preferably 90 minutes. Ceremonies should last between 60 minutes and two hours.

Oklahoma City Commencement Ceremonies

Tulsa Commencement Ceremonies

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do students register?
A: The registration link will be available on this page and will be emailed to qualifying graduates in the months leading up to the ceremonies.

Q: Can students participate in more than one ceremony?
A: No, students can only participate in one ceremony.

Q: How many guests can a student bring?
A: Due to COVID-19 and State, city and venue social distancing measures each graduate will be allotted up to TWELVE guests.

Q: Do babies count as ticketed guests?
A: Children under the age of two will not count as ticketed guests so long as they do not utilize a physical seat. This is in accordance with the venue policies.

Q: When will seniors be notified of their status?
A: We began notifying students via email and mail starting in March and continue to send reminders and notifications throughout the remainder of the school year.

Q: Can Class of 2020 graduates participate in this year’s ceremonies?
A: Of course, we just ask that they select “Class of 2020” on the drop-down asking for the student’s grade when registering.

Q: Are graduating seniors required to participate?
A: No, but we strongly encourage participation. No one regrets attending and marking this moment in their lives.

Q: How long does the ceremony last?
A: We try to keep each ceremony under 2 hours.

Q: Can graduates walk across the stage with their children?
A: No, this day is reserved for the graduates only and space is limited. Besides that, it would be a potential liability (and distraction) to have little ones on the field.

Q: I prefer to go by a name other than my legal name. Can my preferred name be read in the ceremony and listed in the program?
A: Absolutely, we just ask that you let us know. Students will be able to write their name as they want it called in the ceremony. But, diplomas have to list the student’s legal name. If it is changed official documentation showing the legal name change must be submitted to records and we will update the diploma accordingly.

Q: Will there be a virtual ceremony?
A: We are not doing a virtual ceremony this year. We will be holding seven live, in-person ceremonies this year so that students and families can be socially distant. With over 4,000 seniors we do not have the manpower to do a virtual ceremony and seven in-person events.

Each ceremony will be live-streamed to EPIC’s Facebook page,, and website, Recordings from each ceremony will be uploaded to the EPIC website and YouTube channel.

Q: Will there be a slide show?
A: Seniors may upload their photos for the slide show which will run before the start of each ceremony. Due to the size of this year’s graduating class, we are limiting it to one photo per student and there will be separate slide-shows for the Oklahoma City and Tulsa events.

Q: Is there an EPIC Senior Shirt?
A: Yes, we hold a Senior Shirt design contest for all of our graduates each year, then the graduates themselves get to vote on their favorite of three designs by their fellow classmates. This year’s winner was Jewel Nevels, and the runners-up were Caylee Partain and Kailey Nunes. You can see the rules, winning design at

Q: How much are caps and gowns?
A: If you have your Cap & Gown shipped to your home the total cost including shipping and handling is $49.90. The deadline for ship-to-home orders was Wednesday, April 21, 2021. If you ordered a cap and gown for ceremony pick-up and would like to have it shipped to home, please follow the following steps by June 30th.

  1. Call Customer Service toll free at 866-238-5336 and request to update your order to Ship to Home. Customer Service is available 8am-5pm EST Monday through Friday.
  2. Pay any balance due over the phone. Shipping cost plus tax is $14.06.
  3. Allow 3-5 business days for your order to arrive.

Find out more about caps and gowns and how to place your order at

*Standard sizes should have shipped within 7-10 days. Special sizes for graduated who are below or above average height and/or weight may take longer. Contact Herff-Jones at 1-866-238-5336 or visit for more information.

Q: Can the Learning Fund be used to pay for caps and gowns?
A: No. Since these items are traditionally saved as keepsakes and sizes vary, the Learning Fund may NOT be used.

Q: Can I decorate my cap?
A: Absolutely, we just ask that you keep it tasteful as this is a family event.

Q: Are graduation yard signs available?
A: Herff-Jones, our cap and gown vendor, is offering customizable yeard signs with the EPIC school logo and colors. There are 13 options to choose from, each made of heavy-duty corrugated plastic and will ship to the student’s home within 48 hours of placing an order.

Here is the link to view the designs and/or place an order:

Q: What honors does EPIC recognize in the commencement ceremony and program?
A: EPIC will provide the following honor cords, stoles and medals for students who qualify:

  • Valedictorian* – Valedictorian distinction will be awarded to anticipated graduates whose weighted cumulative grade point average is higher than a 4.25. Such students will receive a valedictorian medal at the graduation ceremony.
  • Salutatorian* – Salutatorian distinction will be awarded to anticipated graduates whose weighted cumulative grade point average is between a 4.01 and a 4.25. Such students will receive a salutatorian medal at the graduation ceremony.
  • Oklahoma Academic Scholar – Oklahoma Academic Scholars receive a certificate of recognition from the State Board of Education and their local high school, a gold seal affixed to their diploma, a green honor cord and the honor recorded on their official transcript. Learn more at:
  • Superintendent’s Honor Roll** – Superintendent’s Honor Roll is a distinction for all students earning a 4.0 and they are awarded a double blue and gold honor cord at graduation.
  • Principal’s Honor Roll** – Principal’s Honor Roll is a distinction for all students earning between a 3.5 and a 3.99 and they are awarded a white honor cord at graduation.
  • National Honor Society* – Students in the National Honor Society will receive a white NHS stole. If you were inducted into the National Honor Society at another school or district you will need to transfer your membership to EPIC. Learn more at:
  • EPIC Student Council – Members of the EPIC Student Council will receive a special stole to wear at graduation.

The stoles, medals and cords listed above will be available for pick-up at the commencement ceremonies

If students have earned additional honors outside of the ones listed above they are welcome to wear them at the ceremony.

*Valedictorian and salutatorian status will be determined by the weighted cumulative grade point average of all seniors as of the end of the first semester of their senior year. To be considered, a student must pace to the end of the first semester of their senior year no later than April 30. Students who completed all graduation requirements during the first semester of the school year also will be considered for valedictorian and salutatorian status.

**To be recognized in the printed graduation program as a Superintendent or Principal Honor Roll honoree, students must have completed the first semester of their senior year no later than April 30.

If through accelerated learning, a student finishes both his/her first and second semester of their senior year between April 30-May 30, he/she will still be recognized as a Superintendent or Principal Honor Roll honoree by virtue of them wearing an honor cord during the ceremony.

However, they will not be listed in the program as such an honoree as the program is printed between May 1-May 30.

Q: Can I wear awards other than the ones listed above?
A: Absolutely! Students should be identified for their achievements and we look forward to seeing them with all of their honors.

Q: What if I was in the National Honor Society at another school/district?
A: Students may transfer their membership using the Transfer Membership form found at

Q: When will students receive their diplomas?
A: Diplomas have always been mailed during the summer. At the ceremony, students will receive a diploma cover to hold their diploma. Diplomas are typically mailed to graduates beginning in late July-early August.

*EPIC assets must be returned prior to diplomas being mailed. The asset team will have a collection table at each ceremony to collect any and all assets from graduates.

Q: What if I don’t receive my diploma?
A: First, students must return all assets in order to receive their diploma. Once returned, diplomas are mailed to the last address listed for them in Epicenter. We also have a diploma reprint form which can be found on our website at This form can be used to request reprints of diplomas for past years as well.

Q: What is the deadline to be listed in the graduation program?
A: To be guaranteed listing in the graduation program, a student must have a projected graduation date of June of that school year no later than May 1 of the same school year.

Q: What about senior photos?
There will be professional photographers taking pictures of the graduates both before the ceremony and as they walk across the stage to receive their diplomas cover.

Q: Can students order official announcements?
A: You are welcome to use any vendor you like, but there are no formal arrangements made with any particular company at this time. There are a great number of sites online you may choose.

Q: Will accommodations be made for the deaf and hard of hearing?
A: Yes. Absolutely, but we do ask that students notify us of the number of guests in their party that may need this service. That helps us plan better. Just email

Q: What about wheelchair access or seating for family and friends who need assistance?
A: When you register we ask if you need such accommodations and we will certainly provide them. Both facilities are ADA compliant.

Q: Did we miss anything?
A: Probably. But, we plan to keep you updated throughout the year. Save this page in your bookmarks!

Cap & Gown

EPIC Cap & Gown

Ordering Your Cap & Gown:

Note: Learning Funds MAY NOT be used to purchase graduation items.

Caps and Gowns are ROYAL BLUE, with a YELLOW/GOLD STOLE and a BLUE & YELLOW Tassel.



Dear Epic Charter Students, Parents, and Guardians,

We understand the challenges you have faced with the unfortunate rescheduling of the Oklahoma graduation dates. Many of you have reached out to inquire about receiving your Ceremony Pickup gown early for parties, photos, and more.

Due to the circumstances, Herff Jones Oklahoma will temporarily allow customers with Ceremony Pickup gowns to adjust their orders to Ship to Home. If you would like your Ceremony Pickup gown to be shipped, please follow these steps:

  1. Call Customer Service toll free at 866-238-5336 and request to update your order to Ship to Home. Customer Service is available 8am-5pm EST Monday through Friday.
  2. Pay any balance due over the phone. Shipping cost plus tax is $14.06.
  3. Allow 3-5 business days for your order to arrive.

To have your cap and gown Shipped to Home, you must request this update and pay your remaining balance(including the shipping fee) by June 30. Please note we cannot ship to a PO Box, we must have a street address on file.

Congratulations on your accomplishments, Epic Charter students. We look forward to celebrating with you next month!


Jon Kissinger
Herff Jones Oklahoma

Two Ordering Options:

  • SHIP TO HOME – Total Cost: $49.90 + tax (this includes shipping/handling cost)
    • Orders will begin to ship in late October-early November 2020
    • Orders placed after late October should ship within 7-10* days of being placed
    • The last day to order is Wednesday, April 21*.
  • CEREMONY PICKUP – Total Cost: $36.95 + Tax
    • Representatives from Herff-Jones will be on-site at each of the EPIC ceremonies to distribute orders
    • Extras will be available on-site for those who want to purchase the day of the event.

*NOTE orders should ship within 7-10 days for standard sizes, however, special/custom sizes may take longer.


  • Once the shipment arrives at your home, make sure all items (including your tassel) are in the shipment.
  • EPIC Charter Schools is not responsible for lost or late arriving orders.
  • Take the proper steps to have your garment steamed so it looks nice!

Ordering Your Graduation Announcements & Accessories:

We’d like to suggest a few reliable places you can order your announcements and more online.  Note: Herff-Jones does provide announcement and ring options along with the cap & gown order.


If you would like to be included in the Graduate slide-show that will run on the scoreboards before the start of the ceremony, just submit your photo using one of the forms below. With a graduating class of over 4,000 graduates, we are limiting it to just one photo each and ask that you submit your photo for the location in which you will be participating. Yes, there will be separate slide-shows for Oklahoma City and Tulsa, that way we may be able to play through them all twice as guests are being seated and graduates are checking in, having their photographs taken and preparing for the ceremony.

Upload your graduation photo here if you would like it included in the Oklahoma City pre-ceremony slide-show

Upload your graduation photo here if you would like it included in the Tulsa pre-ceremony slide-show 

Senior Shirt

Senior Shirt

Congratulations to Jewel Nevels, winner of the Class of 2021 Senior Shirt Contest! Runners up for this year were Caylee Partain and Kailey Nunes.


The official Class of 2021 Shirt is available for purchase through June 15, 2021.

Additional Questions?

Have any questions that weren’t answered here, just reach out to us at and we will do our best to answer any and all questions you may have relating to graduation.

If you have questions regarding graduation requirements or GPAs, you should reach out to your GSM (Graduation Support Manager).

For questions about cap and gown orders, please contact Herff-Jones directly at 1-866-238-5336.