Oklahoma mandates all students grades 3-8 take tests appropriate to their grade level. Epic will administer these tests at multiple locations throughout the state. Below is a list of locations with dates and grades being tested.

What to Expect:

The tests are split between pencil & paper tests, and online tests. Most tests are scheduled for 90-120 minutes, though actual finish times vary from student to student. Students will generally have time for a small break between tests, though food and drink will not be provided during this time. Parents and guardians are free to stay at the testing site throughout the day, or they may leave and return to pick up their child after testing has been completed.

ID Requirements:

After inquiring with the State Department, student ID requirements for our younger students have been relaxed. Here are the 3 options available:

Test Dates & Locations:

Students are required to test at their predetermined test sites. In most cases, students have been assigned tests at a location nearest to their home.

For the calendar, please click here.

For a map of the main testing locations, please click here.


Additional Information and Testing Guides:

Use the linked PDF files for detailed information on the tests. The tests are arranged by grade, and handily indicate what tests will be needed for a given grade level. Updated testing guides from the OSDE will be posted as they become available.

The following links (sorted by grade level) provide more insight into test specifications, sample tests and much more.

Online Test Simulation:

The link below will take you to a simulation of the online tests. This is ONLY a simulation and not scored in any way at all. Again, this is not a practice test…

IEP Accommodations:

Testing accommodations for standardized tests will be noted in the IEP as determined by the multidisciplinary team.