Middle & High School

Epic Charter Schools offers three incredible programs for our Middle School & High School students. Each of our programs are designed to meet a variety of needs. Please take a look at the following programs to see which fits your criteria.

Our Three Middle School & High School Programs Are:

  • Epic One-on-One (6th – 12th): The Epic One-on-One program, sometimes referred to as One-on-One, allows families to have a highly individualized educational experience. A variety of curriculum options are available. Epic One-on-One provides an OK Certified teacher who works with families to develop an Individualized Learning Plan for each student. The One-on-One teachers can meet face-to-face with students and families in person or via Skype as needed.
  • Oklahoma Virtual Preparatory Academy (6th – 8th): This program, previously called the Oklahoma Calvert Academy, includes everything you need to teach: easy-to-use instruction manuals, materials for hands-on exploration, online instruction, and games that promote creative thinking all from the Calvert curriculum. Courses are integrated across subjects, which reinforces learning and develops critical thinking. Calvert provides a rigorous curriculum and has been the leader in distance learning for more than a century. Click here to learn more about the Oklahoma Virtual Preparatory Academy.
  • OKVHS* (6th – 12th): OKVHS or Oklahoma Virtual High School gives students access to Advanced Academics curriculum with 24/7 access to Advanced Academics teachers.

*OKVHS require separates applications